Intensive Saal Honey- Chillis 450g-buy organic honey online

Intensive Saal Honey- Chillis 450g

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Barcode : 9999950350512
Brand : Geohoney

Intensive sall honey Known to possess healing properties, Geohoney gives you the opportunity to buy pure Sall honey online.

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It is a healing honey, not a honey to enjoy the taste. The composition of this product makes it a very able healer. This rare honey is excellent for the treatment of flu, colds, bronchitis, and Asthma. The taste of this product is similar to that of chilies and can leave a burning sensation when consumed orally. This makes it an ideal product to heal a sore throat, the burning sensation kills all the bacteria and viruses in the throat. The burning sensation subsides after 30 minutes. This product is not advised for little kids. Unlike other honey in the market, it is difficult to find this product in a grocery store. Geohoney is the one-stop destination to find the very best Sall honey.


  • Ingredients: 100% Raw Honey
  • Net Weight: 450g
  • Perfect Packaging
  • Sucrose: 0.9%
  • Production Date: 1 Feb 2019
  • Expiry Date: 1 Feb 2022
  • Anti bacterial properties.
  • Boosts immune system.
  • Good for the skin.
  • Perfect solution for all respiratory disorders.
  • Helps to cure sore throat.
  • When consumed orally, it gives a itch/burning sensation which lasts for 30 minutes, the burnig caused by this honey kills all the bacteria and viruses in the throat.
  • It is a remedial kind of honey. 
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  • Do not feed honey to infants under one year of age.
  • Bee products may cause an allergic reaction to some sensitive people.
  • Do not keep in refrigerator.
  • The use of honey for medicinal purposes like obesity and diabetes should be started only after it is recommended by your doctor.
  • Whether for boosting the immune system, improving the skin, healing wounds, aiding in digestive issues or for soothing a sore throat, the long list of raw honey benefits varies from person to person.

Sall honey makes the throat itchy, giving a sensation of having very spicy food. This feeling remains initially for 30 minutes and then it subsides, this is because when the stomach absorbs it, the brain releases a special enzyme in the throat area resulting in the burning sensation. This kills out all bacteria and viruses present in that area. The burning sensation eventually subsides after 30 minutes. This type of honey is not suitable for kids and to people who have allergy. It can prove fatal to people who are suffering from cough and is not prescribed to people who have allergy.


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Customer Reviews


Posted by RZ Khan on Oct 15, 2020| Verified Purchase

Intensive saal honey offers effective healing properties.

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Its packaging is awesome and taste also.

Posted by Romeo Allen on Oct 08, 2020| Verified Purchase

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Amazing taste!!

Posted by David Johnson on May 23, 2020| Verified Purchase

Products are of good quality & its packing is awesome. The taste of honey is just amazing.

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Posted by K. Haider on Mar 06, 2020| Verified Purchase

Recommendable! I would absolutely order it again. Good Job... Keep it up, Guys!

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I love it!

Posted by Hussan Ahmed on Aug 26, 2019| Verified Purchase

True and Good Quality Products!

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