Organic Honey: A Miraculous Add-On To Your Diet With Surprising Health Benefits


Organic Honey: A Miraculous Add-On To Your Diet With Surprising Health Benefits

Honey is a wonderful natural sweetener made by the little honey bees that are loved by people all around the world all because of its beneficial properties. Some researchers say that honey is much more than just a sweetener. This heavenly treat is a great source of energy with numerous medicinal benefits.

Honey is basically a natural sweetener that is actually higher in calories than the normal sugar that we use for cooking & baking purposes. Honey comes with a great flavor that actually makes it different from sugar. One tablespoon of honey comprises of –

(a) Calories: 64

(b) Protein: 0 grams

(c) Fat: 0 grams

(d) Carbohydrates: 17 grams

(e) Fiber: 0 grams

(f) Sugar: 17 grams

Along with this, honey also contains trace quantities of vitamins and minerals, which include small amounts of iron, zinc & potassium.

But is the honey that you are buying from the supermarket organic or not? This is the most important question to consider while picking up a jar of honey. Most of the honey available in stores goes through a heating process to make it less sticky and easier to filter. During this process, honey is pasteurized at a high temperature which destroys its yeast cells, causing unwanted fermentation and reduction in its beneficial properties.

On the other hand, organic honey in Dubai is the best to consume. Produced mainly from the pollen of organically grown plants, and without chemical miticides to treat the bees, organic honey is rich in beneficial properties.  Let us quickly have a look at some of the amazing health benefits offered by organic honey -

1. Brimming with Antioxidants

Organic honey is loaded with antioxidants, including phenolic mixtures and organic acids. This helps in reducing the damage caused by oxidation & the risk of several diseases.

2. Contains Antifungal and Antibacterial Properties

Organic honey is additionally rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties, which make it a reasonable solution to treat various skin conditions like dermatitis, dandruff, and skin inflammation.

3. Enhances Sleep Quality

Including honey in daily diet poses a positive impact on sleep quality. Honey is additionally valuable for individuals who have insomnia problems as it helps produce melatonin, a hormone responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle.

4. Maintains Blood Pressure Levels

The antioxidant compounds of organic honey have likewise been related to lower blood pressure levels. Studies led both in guinea pigs and human subjects showed decreases in pulse after a period of honey supplementation. 

5. Improves Cholesterol Levels 

Honey helped lower LDL or bad cholesterol while raising HDL or great cholesterol during an 8-week clinical preliminary on 48 diabetic patients. 

6. Brings Down Triglycerides Level   

It has been proven that consuming about 0.5ml/kg of honey every day for 12 weeks made beneficial outcomes on the metabolism of type 1 diabetes patients. It helped decline:-

(a) Serum triglyceride levels

(b) Total cholesterol

(c) Low-density lipoprotein

(d) Fasting serum glucose

7. Improves Heart Health 

With its constructive outcomes on blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, it is very well understood that honey poses a positive impact on heart health too. 

8. Assists with Weight Control

Organic honey in UAE makes an extraordinary substitute for sugar, particularly if you are attempting to keep your weight under control. The glycemic index (GI) of honey is lower than sugar, remaining at a moderate scope of 54-59; the glycemic index of other sugar structures, then again, can reach as high as 105. 

9. Lifts Immunity 

Honey’s antibacterial properties additionally help forestall infections brought about by parasites, microscopic organisms, and viruses. For an additional kick of energy, take honey before breakfast.

10. Alleviates Cough & Cold Symptoms

It has been proven that honey is a viable treatment for cough & cold. Taking a spoonful of honey works greatly in providing relief from sore throat, coughing, etc. 

The potential dangers of honey are likewise important, particularly for babies. In the event that you are questioning whether honey is a decent expansion to your nourishment or schedule, seek your doctor’s advice. Try avoiding it if you are allergic to bee products. 

Now that you know the astounding advantages of organic honey for your wellbeing, you can begin utilizing it as a sugar substitute or a characteristic home cure. Remember, however, tit should be utilized in moderate quantities as it actually contains calories and sugar. Always keep in mind to buy the best organic honey from a reliable source to gain these wonderful health benefits. Explore the wide collection of best quality organic honey products available at Geohoney & make a healthier switch in your diet to avail these amazing health benefits.

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Robelle Velasquez
1 year ago

Organic honey is tastier kind of honey.

Mohammed A
1 year ago

using royal jelly and it is amazing...

Rosegene Cosgapa
1 year ago

Raw honey helps me to enjoy my diet routine.

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