Want To Identify The Pure Honey? Follow These Quick Tips To Spot The Real & Organic Product


Pure Honey

Pure honey, as we all know is produced directly from the honeybees. This miraculous natural sweetener is stored in the honeycomb which is also the house of bee larvae. It is a wonderful alternative to the normal table sugar which is just a source of unwanted calories. Honey is a beneficial ingredient offered by nature that not only sweetens our food but is extremely rich in minerals, nutrients, and living enzymes. But like other food commodities, adulteration of honey has become a common thing these days.

Impure & adulterated honey is widely available in the market today. Because of the numerous varieties of honey & sugar syrups, it has become pretty difficult to differentiate between pure & impure honey. Here comes a question that whether the honey we are consuming is pure or not? To make it a little easier we have come up with some of the best tips that will assist you in buying authentic & pure honey –

(1) Understand Local Honey Purity Laws – Many of the regional governments issue honey standards that require mentioning all the ingredients contained in the honey jar. This certainly offers an idea about what is included in the honey that you are going to buy.

(2) Checking the Labels is Must – Checking the labels is extremely necessary for the honey buying process. Have a quick look at the "additives" or "added flavors written on the label. If the honey you are buying is pure, it will have only one ingredient written on the label.

(3) Taste the Sample if Offered – Tasting though is not an exact method to test for added substances; however, it will help you in getting an idea about the taste & will give you a small idea about the rich taste that pure honey gives. There are numerous varieties of honey produced using the nectar of various blossoms, saps, or even the discharges of sap-eating insects. Each of these produces various flavors, and even the honey of one beehive can change from year to year as they gather nectar from various sources.

(4) Mix a Spoonful of Honey in Warm Water - Stir a spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water to see that it is blending gradually or not in any way. Impure honey dissolves in the water completely while the pure honey settles down at the bottom forming the lumps.

Above are some quick & easy tips that will assist in buying unfiltered & unadulterated honey. Be it the Clover honey, Linden honey, Oak honey, Black forest honey, or any other unique variety, to guarantee that your next honey jar is pure & organic; you should consider switching to neighborhood beekeepers that advance customary beekeeping techniques and work towards producing a healthy & medicinal variant of honey. Geohoney strives hard to offer the most nutritious, pure & organic honey varieties to people all around the world. Browse through our entire collection of exotic honey products & take a step forward towards healthy living.

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Samia Ostadi
1 year ago

Pure honey - all rounder product. Better for skin & health too.

Afshah Jahan
1 year ago

Yes, these tips may be helpful.

1 year ago

Yes, honey is healthy but when its pure and organic. So, I have used always pure honey.

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