Kerry Will Hold The Position of Climate Envoy at Least Until The COP28 Session in November


John Kerry, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate Change, recently stated he will remain in his position until the COP28 Session in November.

In a recent interview with The Boston Globe, John Kerry, the United States' special presidential envoy for climate change, stated that he assured Vice President Biden that he would continue in his position at least until the United Nations climate summit in November.


He told the newspaper, "There's enough unfinished business that I felt it would be improper to walk away from that at this point." Later this year, Dubai will host the COP28 climate summit. Former senator and secretary of state John Kerry expressed his desire to support innovative technology and increased financing for the fight against climate change.


I believe we can make this COP even more significant in terms of inspiring greater ambition, he added. "We realise the path ahead and what we need to accomplish," he said. This might give everyone the boot and move the process along to a higher gear, which is what it needs to do.


Kerry continued, "My main goal is to up the ante at this COP, so we are leaving with a head of steam on carbon reduction and funding. Some things are more ready, convincing, evident, vital, and urgent. After former President Trump removed the United States from the Paris Accords, an international agreement on climate change, Kerry concentrated on fostering international cooperation to confront the climate catastrophe.


The world could not "address the climate catastrophe" without China, according to Kerry, who revealed in 2021 that China and the United States had unexpectedly reached an agreement on climate change that included phasing out coal and cutting methane emissions.


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