Here are all the Noteworthy Environmental Stories That have Appeared in 2023


Image of a person reading a newspaper or an article on a digital device, staying informed about the latest environmental news and developments of 2023.

As green journalists, we hear the expressions "eco-anxiety," "climate doom," and "environmental existential dread" frequently and frequently experience them as well.

Although there is much to be concerned about when it comes to the climatic and environmental challenges, we must not lose hope since apathy is bred by pessimism.


In the fight against the impending disaster of the climate, the media is crucial. It is our responsibility to present the news honestly and accurately, without trying to minimise or whitewash the situation. But we must also demonstrate that there is hope.

In 2022, we tracked all the good environmental news throughout the year and accumulated over 100 articles of eco-innovation, green breakthroughs, and climate successes as part of our ongoing attempt to combat eco-anxiety (both that of our readers and our own).


We are optimistic that the good news will continue in 2023 as the use of renewable energy climbs, rights for fragile ecosystems are established, and the benefits of climate protocols begin to materialise.

The most recent positive news will be added to this article on a regular basis. It may be something tiny and local, foolish that made us grin, or huge and possibly life-changing.

Please contact us on Instagram or Twitter to share your ideas if you come across a wonderful, inspiring tale that we haven't featured here.


Environmental Newsworthy Items from April 2023


Campaigners call the success of plastic bag bans really encouraging:

Plastic bags are everywhere; they clutter our streets, choke our rivers, and suffocate marine life.

However, several locations have outright prohibited them as a result of years of advocacy from environmental groups.

Single-use plastic bags are now outlawed completely or in part in over a hundred nations. The number of public policies aiming to phase out plastic carryout bags tripled between 2010 and 2019. Such strict regulations are starting to bear fruit.


The US Provides Funding of $350 Million for Wildlife Crossings to Reduce Collisions and Enhance Habitats:

Wildlife crossings beside busy roads are receiving financing from the US Department of Transportation.

According to studies, transportation kills more than 350 million vertebrate animals in the US every year.

Federal authorities estimate that 200 persons per year in the US are killed in crashes involving wildlife and vehicles.

In order to address the problem, Indigenous organisations and state and municipal governments will now have access to $350 million (€320 million).


To Address Water Contamination, the UK has Proposed Banning Plastic Wet Wipes:

The UK wants to outlaw plastic wet wipes because they clog the nation's drains.

The government is initiating a public consultation on whether to ban plastic wipes as part of a strategy to combat water pollution. Some businesses have already stopped selling them in favour of biodegradable substitutes, including the supermarket Tesco and the health and beauty retailer Boots.

Despite the availability of these alternatives, the majority of products still contain plastic, which doesn't degrade, clumps together, and can result in the formation of a fatberg.


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Day by day we are in a dire situation as we face this impending effect of climate change on us, which is caused by ourselves alone, and we are not aware of what we are doing in addition to this climate change damage to our environment.

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