Ten Individuals, Six Nationalities | The UAE's Young Climate Delegation Prepares for COP28


A group of young individuals from different nationalities, standing together and smiling. They are likely the members of the UAE's climate delegation preparing for COP28.

In COP28, they will be joined by 100 young delegates from around the world to establish priorities for the climate agenda.

Ten participants from six different nationalities, all of whom are UAE Youth Climate Delegates, completed their first formal meeting at Dubai Youth Hub. This conference was a watershed moment for youth participation in COP28, as major stakeholders in the UAE's youth and climate space partnered with the delegates, all of whom are enthusiastic and active in climate change advocacy, and engaged them in events leading up to COP28.


Those present had extensive discussions on practical solutions to engage and involve youth in the climate conversation, as well as plan their activities for the future, in collaboration with various stakeholders such as COP28, the Youth Climate Champion team, the Arab Youth Center, and the Federal Youth Authority. Each entity complemented the other, covering a range of activities aimed at increasing youth involvement and leadership in climate change at the local, regional, and international levels in the run-up to the 18th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY18) and the 18th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). (COP28).


The UAE Youth Climate Delegates Program was established in mid-March 2023 by the Ministry of Culture and Youth in partnership with the Office of the UAE's Special Envoy for Climate Change. This program, aimed at UAE youth, aims to include youth voices in climate change processes, build youth capabilities through awareness and capacity building, empower them to take actionable steps towards climate action, and showcase the UAE's youth empowerment model at COP28.


The delegates were chosen for their experience in the sector and demonstrated commitment to climate action, including Hoor Ahli, Lindani Zungu, Karishma Asarpota, Malak Abdullah, Mohamed Eissa, Lateefa Almansoori, Manal Nadeem, Kenza El Gamra, Gheed Abdul Jabbar, and Amal Al Gergawi.


The UAE will be accompanied at COP28 by 100 foreign delegates as part of the foreign Youth Climate Delegate Program, which was recently inaugurated by the incoming COP28 Presidency. This curriculum is intended to prepare UAE youngsters to become leaders in the field of climate change, and this meeting is a crucial step towards that aim.


The plan spans from March to December 2023, during which time young delegates will engage in and contribute input to the negotiation process to establish priorities for the climate agenda at the 18th UN Climate Change Conference of young (COY18) and COP28. They will be trained to develop clear policy objectives for the COP and to gather perspectives, all while returning knowledge to their home nations. Overall, the programme's goal is to provide a platform for adolescents to participate in climate action and to empower them to become leaders in the fight against climate change.

Source: khaleejtimes.com

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