Saudi Honeybee Program Achieves Remarkable 200% Productivity Boost


Saudi Honeybee Program Boosts Productivity by 200%

In Riyadh, the honeybee breeding program led by the Sustainable Agricultural Rural Development Program "Saudi Reef" in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture has shown promising results in revitalizing bee populations.


A selected group of exemplary beekeepers has achieved a remarkable 200% surge in productivity through the program's implementation. This substantial increase in production can be credited to a strategic emphasis on expanding queen bee rearing within the breeding and propagation program.


Moreover, the program has embraced innovative production techniques and best practices such as hive management and organic beekeeping, which have significantly contributed to the heightened productivity levels. These successful practices have been documented in a booklet distributed among beekeepers and have led to substantial production enhancements in various model farms established by the project.


Building on this success, the program is set to introduce projects for "bee queen breeding and nuclei production" in eight centers spread across regions like Jazan, Najran, Asir, Baha, Makkah, Madinah, Hail, and Tabuk. Each center aims to produce 5,000 queen bees annually, known for their purity and high-production standards.


This initiative will empower beekeepers to expand queen bee breeding and bee colonies while safeguarding desirable genetic characteristics to enhance production and resilience against diseases and environmental challenges.


The honeybee development and honey production sector hold a prominent position in the "Saudi Reef" program's agenda. Since its inception, the program has witnessed substantial production growth, uplifting the income and living standards of its beneficiaries.


In a bid to enhance food security and agricultural self-sufficiency, Saudi Arabia introduced an ambitious initiative in August last year to produce over 7,500 tons of honey annually under the Saudi Reef program.


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1 month ago

It is so amazing that SAUDI has this program as well, expanding queen bee rearing within the breeding and propagation program.

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