Australian Report Reveals Biodiversity And Habitat Loss Is Severely Deteriorating – Know The Reason!


Australian Report Reveals Biodiversity & Habitat Loss Is Severely Deteriorating – Know The Reason!

State of the Environment Report is an obligatory assessment conducted every five years. The Australian government released this report in July 2022, revealing a shocking decline in the environment. The report seems like a devastating story of crisis and biodiversity decline.

Habitat destruction, deforestation, climatic changes, and pollution are the key players behind this severe deterioration. The report also stated that Australia had lost more mammal species than other continents on the planet. More than 100 Australian species have been announced extinct, including eight types of wallabies alone.

Nearly half of the nation is currently utilized for grazing sheep and cows, and around 6.1 million hectares (15 million sections of land) of essential forest areas have been cleared since 1990. These progressions mean Australia has encountered the third-biggest combined loss of organic carbon in the soil, behind only China and the United States.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, urbanization is one of the main drivers of environmental change and calls for urgent action. The scale of the challenge implies no single thing or person can fix this by itself. To handle environmental change, nature loss, and pollution in urban regions, co-production of greener and more evenhanded urban areas is essential for city pioneers, metropolitan organizers, scientists, public foundations, researchers, local communities, and civil society.

Australia has forever been a place that is known for its outrageous climate and environmental changeability. But human-caused environmental change is reaching extreme limits regularly and with other devastating impacts.

This report should be considered a reminder of the harm we are doing to our general surroundings. We should decarbonize our economy and society as quickly as conceivable to limit the environmental losses we will experience as we keep warming the world.

But Who Is Responsible For These Circumstances And Environmental Changes?

The new federal Labor government is accordingly laying the fault at the feet of the Coalition, which had been in government since 2013. The government Coalition did nothing to work on the climate and exacerbated things in a few conditions. For example, the Coalition was committed to expanding interest in coal and gas, and its plan to cut fossil fuel byproducts was generally dependent on expected future technological development.

What federal Labor needs to try not to concede that state and territory governments are likewise punishable for the declining condition of the nation's environment? As a matter of fact, sub-national governments in Australia have an essential obligation regarding environmental guidelines, and the federal government's job is limited.

Extreme bushfires, coral bleaching activities, devastating wildlife populations, and habitat destruction across the continent are examples showing that both governments & societies are not acting on the science and evidence.

Scientists are saying that despite such hurting report stats, there is still much that Australians can do for the nation. Every Australian should look for an opportunity to protect the planet and save species where they live and work. People crave nature protection in urban communities; all they need is more support. A culture shift is required to help urban communities as spaces for nature and individuals. For individuals to help biodiversity and genuinely engage in ecological issues, it is essential to make nature part of every Australian's daily activity - something they can see, appreciate, and help save.

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Patricia J. Dunbar
1 year ago

The beauty of nature is in its diversity. A huge variety of flora and fauna is a kind of wealth of that place. But due to human activities, this biodiversity is shrinking. We have to be more cautious about them.

Sara D. Baez
1 year ago

Australia is the sole habitat of some of the most unique animals, especially the marsupials. They are only found in Australian outbacks. I am so worried to hear about this news.

Tama A. Huston
1 year ago

Australia is such a large country and Aussies are well known for their environmental concern. I am so surprised to see such news about them.

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