Top UAE Technology & Space Agencies Strengthen Coordination Ahead of COP28


UAE government entities collaborate to encourage organizations in the technology and space industries to share their efforts regarding climate action at the Cop28 climate conference in Dubai.

The UAE Space Agency, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, and Cop28 will collaborate to encourage organisations to share their efforts.


UAE government entities in the technology and space industries have joined forces to increase collaboration in advance of the Cop28 climate conference in Dubai in November.

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, the UAE Space Agency, and Cop28 will collaborate to encourage organisations in those sectors to share their contributions to climate efforts at the Technology and Innovation Hub at Cop28, according to a statement issued by the ministry on Saturday.


Cop28, which will take place in Dubai from November 30 to December 12, is set to be the most inclusive Cop conference yet. The Cop28 President-elect is Dr Sultan Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology.

According to the ministry, the alliance aims to contribute to the inclusive ecosystem of Cop28 by bringing together big technological companies, global institutions, small and medium enterprises, and space agencies to support collective action on climate targets.


It will encourage technological and industrial businesses from around the world to use the UAE as a basis for developing innovative technologies that will aid in driving sustainable industrial development, combating climate change, and accelerating decarbonisation. The three agencies will also encourage knowledge-sharing to speed the development of new technologies, adding to the legacy of Cop28.

"Advanced technology and space sectors are more than just important components of national economies." They are innovation engines and important enablers of net zero, hastening the development of technology that promote climate action," stated Sarah Al Amiri, Minister of State for Public Education and Advanced Technology.


"This collaboration will assist in mobilising stakeholders of all sizes in advance of Cop28, where MoIAT and UAESA will convene the UAE and global innovation and space ecosystems at the Technology and Innovation Hub."

The alliance seeks to foster collaboration across areas of mutual interest in order to strengthen cooperative efforts and align industrial and space sector outcomes with Cop28 objectives. They hope to expedite progress towards Paris Agreement goals and boost the UAE's position as a worldwide hub for climate technology innovation through promoting collaboration.


"Harnessing technological solutions is the key to fast-tracking the energy transition, building better and more advanced early warning systems, supporting localised adaptation, and strengthening the resilience of cities, industries, and communities," said Cop28 director general and special representative Ambassador Majid Al Suwaidi.

The UAE's Cop28 chair has also reached out to important global players such as Canada and Germany to assist in achieving the aims of the Dubai climate summit. The two G7 countries have been tasked with ensuring that the rich world follows through on its promises to put greater financial muscle behind climate action. Dr. Al Jaber also urged additional countries to sign on to a pledge to provide more sustainable cooling options.


In January, the UN Environment Programme and the Cop28 Presidency announced the creation of a Global Cooling Pledge, which will provide incentives to governments and stakeholders to take action on sustainable cooling in five areas: nature-based solutions, super-efficient appliances, food and vaccine cold chains, district cooling, and National Cooling Action Plans.

To date, more than 20 countries have signed on to the promise.

"The UAE government has pledged to make Cop28 an inclusive conference that yields tangible results." Ms Al Amiri stated that "the entire spectrum of society and economy will be represented at Cop28."


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