APIMONDIA - Know Everything About The Apiculture Congress


APIMONDIA - Know Everything About The Apiculture Congress

Apiculture or beekeeping is a sort of occupation that includes sustaining and caring for honey bees to procure honey bee products like beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis. Overall, Apiculture infers the maintenance of honey bees of bees belonging to the genus APIs than honey bees. In any case, in apiculture, even honey bees that are not liable to sting are kept for preservation.

All About Apimondia Apiculture Congress

Apimondia is a non-legislative organization and the biggest beekeeping event in the world where beekeepers, producers of beekeeping equipment, scientists, development workers, honey dealers, technicians, and legislators engaged with apiculture, apitherapy, and pollination meet to listen, discuss and learn from each other.

Our primary goal is to work with the trading of data and conversations where beekeepers, researchers, honey dealers, specialists for improvement, professionals, and administrators meet to talk about and benefit from one another.

In September 1997, Apimondia, the International Federation of Beekeepers Associations, organized the 35th Apimondia congress in Antwerp, Belgium, to mark the Centennial Jubilee of International Apicultural Congresses. Belgium accentuated the event's relevance as it was the first country where the First International Apicultural Congress was held back in 1897.

This celebration put the Apimondia Worldwide Apicultural Congress among the absolute first Global congresses. At this "noteworthy" event, both the general subject of the congress, "History of the bumble bee and beekeeping," and the topics of the logical meetings were picked as needs be to vouch for the connection between the past and future gatherings that keep on occurring every other year, uniting analysts and beekeepers from everywhere the world fully intent on taking care of these pressing issues connected with world apiculture, the honey bee products trade, honey adulteration, honey bee infectious prevention, new innovations, and beekeeping augmentation.

The 47th Apimondia Congress was held in Istanbul! The venue of this congress was the same as used in 2017. This venue provided a great setting that led to a successful ApiExpo and Apimondia Congress.

APIMONDIA federation welcomed all researchers and beekeepers to unite for the 47th session of the APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress, held in Turkey-Istanbul between 24th-28th August 2022. The APIMONDIA federation is organizing the event itself. The past two years have been tough for the people due to the coronavirus; thus, the federation invited people worldwide to meet and talk in person.

Istanbul is a vibrant, safe, and central location in Europe, and for the first time, the 47th Congress was a hybrid meeting with an option to attend portions of the meeting virtually. The federation worked with the meeting planning company to give intelligence and discuss issues in beekeeping. With international pressures, the federation has chosen to prohibit the participation of Russian-based vendors at the ApiExpo in Istanbul. However, they can't punish beekeepers for the activities of their states, and beekeepers from all countries are welcome in Istanbul. Therefore, the federation is arranging for the 47th and future Congresses to be hybrid, having live roundtables, an ApiExpo, and talks offering people the ease to connect virtually from any region of the world

What 47th Apimondia Apiculture Congress Offered -

It was fascinating to know the volume of bee, wax, and honey products traded worldwide. The volume of honey trade from Brazil alone was 8000 tonnes per year in 2021, which is a significant amount that should be worldwide. Furthermore, the event showed that the number of machines used for beekeeping and the number of companies was also unimaginable. Apart from this, products like Propolis, Bee venom, and Bee veterinary products have become multimillion-dollar industries.

Referring to 'nature-based beekeeping,' the central theme of one of the significant symposiums, the event positioned the project within advanced technology-based beekeeping. The dynamic landscape models of a bee colony used to determine the Health Status Index fall within the advanced technology. So does the use of numerous sensors for automatic data collection.

To further develop honey bee resilience and enhance their possibilities in an environment with climatic changes and, once in a while, high microorganism loads, it is firstly important to understand better what coping mechanisms are there to impact performance.

48th Apimondia Apiculture Congress -

Next year, the international event of the Apimondia Apiculture Congress will be held in Santiago, Chile. "APIMONDIA Chile 2023 - Sustainable Beekeeping'' is the slogan that will be discussed in various meetings of the Congress. The 5-day event will offer a rich logical program, an ApiExpo full of developments, cooperative discussion on issues of cross-over interest for all and technical tours oriented to three principal aspects of beekeeping in Chile.

The next apiculture congress in two years will be held in the city of Ufa, the capital of the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. Apimondia occurs every two years, alternating between a European and non-European country.

Carol Acevedo, President of the National Beekeeping Network in Chile says, “we are glad to have the opportunity to bring Apimondia 2023 to Chile since this is the leading global beekeeping event in the world that unites researchers and beekeepers from global regions to discuss the main issues in the sector. It has been long years of planning this Chile-Apícola project and today it has become a reality along with all the members of the beekeeping chain.

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Desperate to attend the upcoming Apimondia general meet that is to be held in Ufa, Russia. I am so glad that we are hosting the next Beekeepers summit.

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Being a member of the Apimondia federation I am going to attend the upcoming 48th congress session that is to be held in Santiago, Chile next year.

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