Honey – Your Cupid For Better Romance


natural honey benefits for sexual life

Honey is an aphrodisiac, it means honey is a substance that increases sexual desire, sexual pleasure, and enhance sexual behavior. Geohoney considers honey to be the perfect love food to rekindle your love life. This sweet substance so necessitates a sweeter love life. Dating back to 500 BC this sweet nectar was the prescribed medicine to boost sexual vigor. Its role as an aphrodisiac has been quoted in many ancient texts. Ever wondered the origins of the word honeymoon? This article conveys the beatitudes of Honey for Sex.

Honey as a fertility booster:

Different traditions have highlighted the importance of honey as a stimulant for better love making. As described by Avicenna, a great ancient healer and philosopher and widely regarded as the Father of modern medicine, he described honey as the “the food of foods, the drink of drinks and the drug of drugs. Honey when mixed with ginger and pepper is a proven sexual stimulant. Imbibing the legends that honey carries, Geohoney makes every effort to inform customers of the great potency of honey as an aphrodisiac. So, if you are looking to have a surge in libido levels, Geohoney advices to give honey a try.

Honey for Sex:

Honey being rich in Boron is known to boost testosterone levels and metabolize estrogen. Honey is also said to boost nitric oxide a chemical released in the blood during arousal. Honey can also be used as a home remedy for erectile dysfunction. Honey has a profound effect in improving the overall energy level, blood circulation and stamina. Honey mixed with milk tremendously improves stamina helping you to go all night long. Another chemical chrysin found in honey is said to boost up testosterone levels. The purest forms of honey to boost your sex life can be found on Geohoney.

Usage of honey in different cultures:

In many cultures, honey was often used and consumed between lovers in reference to honey being a sensual food. It is an element symbolizing romance and union. In Indian weddings, the bride offers honey to the groom as a symbol of sweetness in life. It also has a special place in texts like the Kama sutra. As per Viking traditions, honey is considered as a fertility booster. The making and gifting of honey cakes was practiced in Eastern European rituals. The usage of honey was also prevalent in Chinese wedding ceremonies.

Back in 500 B.C, the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates also regarded honey as a potent medicine to boost sexual performance. To blaze the flames of passion, you can buy raw honey online at Geohoney.

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1 year ago

I had tried and i can say it is quite effective and satisfying.

Murtadhy Dhul Fiqar Haik
2 years ago

My experiment with raw honey as a sexual health boost had been quite positive. Regular consumption of honey in my diet had helped me to gain better stamina and stability. Along with this it also enhanced my body's immunity.

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