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Best organic honey for hair problems

Did you already know that the wax used for hair removal was unconventionally made at homes using honey! Those were as effective as recently available wax in the market, rather more. The natural honey used to leave the skin moisturized and glowing and helped to control the growth of the hairs effectively.

While honey is comparatively less effective compared to beeswax for hair removal, it is still an amazing option for fine hairs. Citrus honey works the best if you wish to are about to buy the raw honey online for hair removal. Geohoney ensures that you receive natural honey that too entirely chemical-free so you can enjoy the benefits of the honey without any consequences. You should consider trying it at least once in your lifetime.

How to use honey for hair removal? Easy steps!

To use honey from Geohoney as hair removal, follow the steps below:

  1. Grab your favorite rare honey kind, if not Citrus honey, be it Acacia honey, SIDR Honey, Blackseed honey, or any other. You can also select Kashmiri honey for antifungal effects. Most preferred, however, for the hair expulsion, is any kind of unprocessed honey.
  2. Take a scoop or 1 tbsp. of this honey in a wide-mouthed container. 
  3. Squeeze half tbsp. of lime juice to this. Skip this step if you bought Geohoney’s specially curated Citrus Honey.
  4. Mix. Thoroughly.
  5. Heat the mixture a little, just enough to melt the honey a little and add fluidity to it.
  6. Apply the mixture to smaller areas, like the upper lip, underarms, etc. by spreading it evenly. 
  7. Wait for around 20-25 minutes. 
  8. Scratch the honey in the opposite direction of hair growth and try to remove all the hairs. 
  9. Wipe off with wet and warm cloth.
  10. Pat dry with cold water to avoid any irritation.
  11. Apply your favorite moisturizer or natural oil to avoid any redness.

Raw honey is definitely the best remedy for any skin issues, be it hair removal or stopping hair growth. You must find the best honey suiting your skin at Geohoney and try to use the World’s best honey variety and combo for best results.

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