Manuka Honey – Understanding The Super Food Complex


Manuka Honey Proven Benefits, Uses and Tips

There are many myths surrounding this wonderful substance, for starters, it is cited to host several medicinal and nutritional benefits. No wonder this honey is set apart and claims such a high price in the market. Geohoney favors the “Superfood” status of Manuka honey, here’s why?

Let’s look at some of the best benefits:-

Magical in many aspects, could the benefits of Manuka honey bust the myth of it being a hyped organic product. The natural properties show otherwise and can question the tyranny of modern medicine. The list below showcases why Geohoney accredits it as a health beneficiary with multiple benefits.

(a) It is known to prevent and treat Cancer.

(b) It is known to regulate and keep in check high cholesterol.

(c) It reduces systemic inflammation.

(d) It helps in treating diabetes.

(e) It is beneficial for the treatment of eye, ear and sinus infections.

(f) It helps in treating gastrointestinal problems.

(g) It promotes oral health.

(h) It acts as a soothing agent for sore throats.

(I) It aids in the treatment of acne.

(j) It aids in healing wounds.

What is Manuka Honey?

It is a specific form of honey unique to New Zealand, and its extraction is a peculiar process. It has a limited harvest period and can be collected during certain times of the year. Pure Manuka nectar promises natural goodness in every tablespoon you consume.


Oral consumption is usually limited to a tablespoon; it can also be taken with certain drinks and can be used as an ointment to heal wounds. The dosage can vary between one to three tablespoons a day. It is not advised for toddlers under the age of 12 months.

Side effects:

Certain studies found that it could cause reactions to people who are allergic to bees. Being a sweet substance, it could cause a spike in blood sugar.

Should you have this Superfood:

Being expensive, it might not appeal to be used for daily consumption as food, but preferably as a tonic. Now whether it is a superfood or not, depends from person to person, but its large list of medicinal properties is certainly under-utilized, To get comprehensive details of our product visit Geohoney. That being said if this type of honey you buy is stored in a sterile environment; it can be used to heal wounds and skin infections. 100% organic honey can be ordered at Geohoney. Well, to your surprise, all the rare kinds of honey can also be found! Visit and shop now!

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1 year ago

Highly recommended honey.

Rabiya Alam
3 years ago

Manuka honey taste is too good.

3 years ago

It's a wonderful product!

Donna Beardsworth
3 years ago

Delicious Honey

Nancy Nurse
4 years ago

Perfect for a sore throat as it is a natural antibiotic and THE source for food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Jacob Oram
4 years ago

Great taste and look brighter... very yummy

William James
4 years ago

Manuka honey seems like the real bet. Interesting to know about its properties which help in effective and wholesome health practices. Thanks for the info!

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