Artificial Breeding In Honey Bees: An Appealing Alternative To Save Bee Extinction From Parasitic Mites


Honey Bees

Several recent kinds of research have revealed that bee colonies are facing deadly extinction due to parasitic mites. The link between the worldwide collapsing of honey bee colonies and blood-sucking parasites has been revealed & is a matter of great concern too. As honey bees are key pollinators, the collapsing of honey bee colonies is an immense loss to nature & human beings as well.

Scientists have exposed that these Varroa mites have resulted in the permanent increase of fatal bee virus. The varroa bug's role is currently one of the "most generally conveyed and contagious infections on the planet", the analysts cautioned. Moreover, the new strength of the executioner infection represents a continuous danger to settlements even after beekeepers have annihilated the parasites from hives.

Though these parasites can be controlled by certain chemicals and methods, these mites, however, have developed resistance to such chemicals making the treatments ineffectual. Earlier various chemicals were utilized to fight against such mites and this, in turn, resulted in stopping queens from laying the eggs. These whole procedures caused the worker honey bees to kill the infertile queens and begin to hoist new royalty, a brutal reaction evolved by the bees years ago to guarantee the future of their hives.

All the above things were done practically, but in theory, everyone adopted one simple solution. Not to do anything artificially and permit natural selection to cast off the honey bees that cannot survive or defend themselves from such mites. After adopting such solutions, in some locations, honey bees started to recover on their own based on natural defense. Noticing all such results for many years beekeepers are now relying more on raising the resistance power of honey bees rather than choosing various pesticides to do the job. Breeding mite-resistant bees have come up as an appealing alternative to save the extinction of honey bee colonies.

According to B A Barry, these new approaches have made it easier & faster to develop mite resistant bee strains; comprehensive beekeeping that meets all the requirements though remains a really difficult task. Getting resistant traits in the queen bee is extremely beneficial in getting genetic diversity in the honey bee colony. Breeders are now inseminating queen bees through artificial methods by collecting semen from the drone bees and inseminating the bees under a microscope. Researchers are doing a great job in training beekeepers all around the world in these necessary skills & are saving the ecosystem too.

Geohoney strongly supports the researchers and believes that creating a world of honey bees with mite resistance genes will help in reducing the deaths of these great pollinators & will save human life also.

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