Bee Pollen & Honey: The True Super-Foods With Incredible Health Benefits


Bee Pollen

Many of us love honey and include it into our day-by-day diet, regardless of whether as a characteristic sugar substitute for our espresso or just as a sweet treat. Be that as it may, explicit honey varieties known as "active" honey have likewise been used from the beginning of time for their antibacterial and therapeutic properties. Being rich in amazing properties, this sweet & syrupy super-food has become an active ingredient in beauty & skincare products.

Healthfully talking, raw honey contains an exceptionally wide assortment of nutrients, minerals, proteins, and anti-oxidants that, hypothetically, make it more beneficial than granulated white sugar. Honey made headlines recently with its superior benefits over other usual remedies known for. Apart from honey, bee pollen is a natural, affordable & readily available product gifted by the little pollinators. It comes with tons of health-boosting benefits ranging from immune support to heart health. Who realized that the small and humble honey bee could make something with such magical qualities? Honey, a multi-purpose natural sweetener has got astonishing advantages for health, skin & hair too. Let us know more about them –

(1) Natural Energy Booster – Honey & bee pollen are naturally rich in minerals, enzymes, vitamins etc., and are considered as complete foods. Including these natural ingredients in the daily diet encourages natural energy production in the body. Being rich in energy-boosting properties, both these products are best for athletes & fitness enthusiasts.

(2) Eliminates Cough & Cold Symptoms – Honey & bee pollens are rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that may help with battling cough & cold symptoms. However, it is usually suggested to consult a doctor before consuming bee pollen so as avoid the risk of allergy. 

(3) Helps Treating Insomnia – Including bee pollen in the daily diet or consuming milk with honey at bedtime proves best in dealing with sleeping disorders. Honey discharges serotonin which is converted into melatonin by the body that is responsible for the length & quality of sleep.

(4) Cures Wounds & Burns – Researches have found that topical application of honey or bee pollen on the wounds sped up the healing time. Their antiseptic properties hinder the development of specific microbes and help keep outer injuries liberated from infection.

(5) Improves Immunity – Buckwheat honey & bee pollen’s cancer prevention agent and antibacterial properties help improve the digestive system and boost up the body’s immunity. Being a powerhouse of antioxidants these beneficial bee products removes the free radicals from the body in an effective way.

(6) Prevents Heart Diseases – High blood lipids and high blood cholesterol are related to an increased risk of heart diseases. Bee pollen & honey are rich in antioxidants which assist in lowering heart disease risk factors such as bad cholesterol level & lipid oxidation.

(7) Assist in Weight Loss – Drinking warm water with a teaspoonful of honey & few drops of lime works magically in weight loss. It is an effective anti-cellulite treatment that increases body metabolism & helps control your appetite.

Loaded with such countless fundamental supplements bee pollen & honey are genuine super-foods! Begin adding these natural products to your everyday diet routine and experience the great advantages. Buy the best quality monofloral honey & bee pollen from Geohoney and give your body a healthy boost!

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Atif Khan
3 years ago

I like the flavor of bee pollen than honey.

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