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Corona Prevention Practices

Corona's spread has affected the world in unprecedented ways, and on the other hand, has carved into humans’ lifestyles various healthy habits, like wearing protective masks, using sanitizers, and ensuring social distancing. Hopefully, this epidemic of Corona will end sooner. Should we continue using sanitizers and masks after the eradication of this Virus? Geohoney suggests that these practices must not be dropped and must be adopted as habits of daily routine as a lesson from the Corona outbreak.

Dubai, UAE – April 16, 2020 – It is a well-known fact that apart from Corona Virus, which has spread drastically in a few months across the globe and has increased the death percentages unbelievably, there are various other diseases that can be transmitted via droplets and air. Influenza, common cold, Chickenpox, Mumps, Measles, and Tuberculosis, are just a few ailments that are spread by air. Some of these infections, in the worst case, can also turn fatal. Therefore, rethinking the aspect of mask and sanitizer carrying practices, Geohoney states – “While respiratory infections are not new, they are far from being a worry of the past. From seasonal flu to catastrophic outbreaks, respiratory pathogens continue to plague us to this day where we deal with the deadly Corona Virus. History is a great teacher, and once this rampant outbreak turns history, we must remember the lessons learned from it. We can inculcate the healthy practices and with little changes, we can prevent such transmitted diseases and can ensure a better society at large.”

Moreover, it has been proven that the efficiency of surgical masks and N95 masks in hindering the transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is 68% and 91%, respectively. When properly used, facemasks effectively interrupt the forward motion of viruses, germs, and bacteria ejected from a cough or sneeze, stopping disease transmission. Even if ill-fitted, they prevent the particles and airborne viruses sufficiently from reaching the respiratory zones of people nearby. Hence, their use of them is beneficial.

Social distancing has also played a major role in the preclusion of the Corona epidemic in countries coming forward with lower ratios. Well, this practice again being one of the major prevention of terrific viruses and diseases like Mumps, can be prevented. Mr. Barry, the founder of Geohoney says “You can reduce your susceptibility to any transferrable diseases by altering a very small part of your lifestyle-maintain a decent distance. So, why not just do it! Society will be benefitted from these small individual efforts.” In addition to this, the immunity boost is also being widely associated with defensive measures against these diseases. Continuing he states “I have had personal benefits of good immunity against common diseases and the secret lies in the daily routine. Beginning the day with yoga and exercises, eating natural immunity-boosting supplements like raw honey the diet throughout the day, and then taking a proper rest at night has helped many people fight various ailments, but this is a consistent process. Therefore, immunity boosters are becoming mandatory for people.” Natural raw honey has been among the best immunity boosters and if you haven’t included it yet in your kitchen, you must do it now.

Statistically, at the global level, lower respiratory tract infections are the third most common cause of death and the most common infectious cause of death. Hence, it is time now, that we awaken ourselves and ensure the necessary changes carrying the mask, sanitizers, and immunity boosters in our lives.

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