Digital Bee Hives: A Beneficial Approach To Save Bee Hives From Unwarned Attacks


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Honey is considered as delicious & the healthiest natural sweetener all over the world. Whether utilized as a spread on pancakes & toasts or added as a sweetener to improve drinks – bee honey is loved by everyone due to its taste & the health benefits that it offer. Being widely used all around the world its production depends quite on humans & their machines, rather it is the consequence of the difficult work done by the little honey bees. These tiny beautiful creatures altogether fly up to 75,000 miles – around multiple times the world over – and visit 5,000,000 blossoms to deliver only one kilo of nectar.

Honey bees are exceptionally important for human beings & the ecosystem too. But these pollinators are disappearing at an alarming rate in recent years. But did we ever think why honey bee colonies are collapsing disastrously? Factors like climatic changes, scarce floral diversity, usage of pesticides, loss of habitat, and lack of genetic diversity, attack b insects & parasites and harmful microorganisms are responsible for the weakening of beehives.

Be it any place in the world, the threat to honey bees has been increased significantly in recent years. And to keep this in control to a certain level, digital beehives have proved to be a beneficial way.

Digital Bee Hives –

(1) Digital beehives offer hive weight readings so beekeepers realize when it is the best time to collect honey, a GPS feature to track the location of the hives in case they are stolen, even honey bee counters so that the foraging patterns can be easily detected.

(2) Some of these hives also include cameras that make it easier to track the bee movements optically. Utilizing a methodology like an image recognition systems, it develops everyday marks of the honey bee exercises from which changes in hive conditions can be identified early thereby leaving enough time to cure the problems if any. 

(3) Disease detection & Odor Detection – With digital sensors being introduced into the apiary, hive odors still need to be examined, despite the various innovations in odor sensing technologies and their application to recognizing human infection, ecological harmfulness, and food pollution.

(4) Various researches & studies have been carried out to successfully use sensing technology in beehives. According to B A Barry, odor sensing to monitor the health of bees & their hives provides an unparalleled chance to augment the resilience of our food system using sensor technology and data analytics.

These hives are just one of the fabulous ways to save the beehives from attacks by leveraging technology.  The sudden collapsing of these honey bees overall is quite possibly the main misfortunes people have confronted. By examining the utilization of odor sensors for honey bee hive wellbeing, we need to empower beekeepers to catch real-time information for early findings that can help forestall the disastrous misfortunes of bumblebee populaces around the world.

Being the world’s best honey supplier Geohoney focuses more on understanding the needs of hives in various climatic conditions to protect these little honey bees and cherish them.

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