Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Work?


Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Really Work?


Himalayan Salt, a popular pink, isn't just for soothing baths or sprinkling over your delicious recipes anymore. Now they have made their way into décor and specialty apothecaries in the form of salt lamps. These lamps are made from Himalayan salt & are lit from the inside with the help of a bulb, this combination illuminates a dim & amber light.

Therefore, its appeal isn't limited to visuals. There are beliefs that salt lamps have health benefits ranging from detoxing a room & to curing asthma. Also, some people use these lamps in eliminating negative energies from the body.

Moreover, manufacturers of these lamps claim that the lamps release negative ions, and clean the air & room. But do they really work, is the question?

Ionises the air

In a 1998 study on SAD (Seasonal affective disorder), the negative air ionisation phenomenon's benefits were discovered by accident. The results of this study showed how high-intensity of negative ion treatments can lessen SAD and chronic depression. Also, other studies showed similar results.

For these studies, negative air ionisation was created using a machine, where, on the addition of an electron to oxygen molecules, a negative ion was created. But, did you know, negative ions are also created by radiation, sunlight, crashing waves, and so on?

Interestingly, these ions might have the ability to increase the amount of oxygen present in the blood. However, the exact influence on the body is still being studied.

But, we do not know if these lamps really have that great effectiveness or not, but if you are someone who doesn't want to use commercial ionising machines. As these machines can produce the byproduct of ozone, which is harmful to the environment & health. Then, you can try using this instead.

Purifies Air

According to EPA, among the top five environmental risks to health involve indoor air pollution. Poor air quality, be it indoor or outdoor, can cause health problems. Moreover, this affects the most. Now there is awareness among people related to particulates in the air and volatile organic compounds in our homes. So, it's of no surprise that people will want to improve the air quality indoors.

There have been pieces of evidence that say certain things can help in removing pollution and dust from the air, with their negative ions. These ions have been seen to cling to dust and kill the dust mites, & in order to make cleanup easier or filtration easier. The Himalayan salt lamp does emit ions, but there isn't enough proof that the quantity it emits is sufficient or not. Also, no studies have been performed yet to see if the lamp absorbs toxins.

But, yes, if you are looking for a natural way to purify the air & remove toxins, without any apparatus or machine that usually is used. Then, such lamps could be a way to do that. As per certain ancient therapies like halotherapy, these lamps seem to be helpful for people who have respiratory problems.

In the process of this therapy, people suffering from chronic respiratory problems benefitted. However, more good research is needed to confirm it further.

It can boost your mood

Another benefit that it seems to provide, is that Himalayan salt lamps can boost anyone's mood. Certain animal studies have shown that high-level exposure to negative ions in the air can improve serotonin levels. Serotonin is a hormone that is involved in mood regulation. However, certain studies involving adult humans didn't show a consistent improvement in their mood. But, researchers did find improvement in the mood of people suffering from depression, after exposure to a high concentration of ions.

Moreover, if the person who comes back home from work after a tiring day uses this lamp, then there are chances for his improved mood. Additionally, improved mood results in good sleep too, so it will have an indirect effect on sleep.

So, what are you waiting for, get a Himalayan salt lamp today, to feel the lightness and purity in the air and your mind.

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1 year ago

It is very effective for those who have trouble in sleeping.

antonella reaney
1 year ago

I started using Himalayan rock salt when I had insomnia.

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