Expressing our gratitude towards bees on the World Bee Day at Geohoney!


world bee day

“We often forget the contribution made by bees in our lives and moreover fail to acknowledge that we survive because of them. Factually, 70% pollination might just stop if bees become extinct which is an alarming sign.”

Dubai, UAE – May 26, 2020 – Bees are important pollinators and pollination is a fundamental process for the survival of our ecosystems. Bees play a vital role in human life for many reasons. Almost one-third of the food we eat comes from animal-pollinated plants. Bees support in pollination of our native plants and wildflowers along with blueberries, which forms an $82 million per year industry in Florida. In fact, more than 100 crops in the U.S., such as apples, squash, pumpkin, cranberries, onions, carrots, and blueberries, benefit from pollination. Moreover, forage plants, used by meat and dairy industries, majorly depend on pollinators to produce seed.

Generally, these facts are neglected but, there are concerns about bee decline. Bees locally are anticipated to face hardships. Because, we majorly depend for our survival on honeybees and their declining population is becoming a bane for human society.

Mr. Barry says “As a gratitude towards bee we can contribute to their life by helping them with nutrition. Several factors regarding bee decline also include lack of bee nutrition.Bee nutrition is significant to bee health and the growth of young bees. We therefore are constantly assuring that bees get sufficient nutrition necessary for them.”

Bees gather nectar and pollen from flowers. Pollen provides protein, fats, minerals and vitamins, and aids in the development of young bees.Geohoney urges people to plant a variety of flowers and create long-season food sources to provide bees better nutrition throughout the year. As you enjoy your meals with tasty honey, thank a bee for its pollination services because that’s how we get to eat our favourite apples, smell our favourite flowers, and a lot more.

This World Bee Day, all of us at Geohoney pledged to support plantations favouring the bee food and creating small flower gardens in our house so that it makes a better place for bees like they make for us. Geohoney takes a stand for bees, by ensuring that they take utmost care while producing the world class top quality raw honey and we urge that you strongly stand with us and the bees.


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Country: United Arab Emirates

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