Geohoney’s Global Honey Helps to Build Immune System


Global Honey Helps to Build Immune System-Geohoney

Research has proven that raw honey helps to build your immune systems and is a powerful source of antioxidants that can help fight bacterial and fungal properties. 

Dubai, UAE – March 25, 2020  – Geohoney is a global honey brand owned by B. A. Barry DMCC and founded by Mr. Basem Barry. The company has been offering novelty products ever since its inception in 2017 and uses monofloral technology to produce its honey which is far better than polyflorals. Barry says, "Geohoney itself isn't a cure for any ailments; however, the benefits of honey are undeniable." Honey has been used throughout history as a folk remedy for a variety of health and medical purposes, including the treatment of asthma, cough, sleep disturbances, throat infections, digestive disorders, and more. There have been over 250 worldwide clinical trials on the healthy benefits of honey. 
Barry believes that his brand of honey might play a pivotal role in inhibiting the onset of an illness because current research suggests that raw and pure honey builds up your immune system, eases a myriad of symptoms, and is known to be a powerful source of antioxidants that can help fight bacterial and fungal properties. According to Barry, "The honey and bee products we offer are known to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. And, because we use monofloral technology for all of our honey products, we have a significant quality product over polyfloral honey. I personally use it whenever I have a cough or a scratchy throat. Many others use our product for the same reason."

The anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic properties of honey make it a potent anti-microbial substance. Geohoney produces and markets pure and raw honey, such as – Sidr honey, Acacia Sumor honey, White honey, Cave honey, Black seed honey, Black bitter honey, and other such monofloral honey products. With a global online honey store that offers 183 distinct kinds of honey, much care has been taken to develop quality products. Barry says, "Geohoney is eager to make the readers aware of the wide range of benefits its products have that make it a viable option for healthier living. Our honey products are naturally derived from the hives, which makes them pure and raw."

Company Name:  B A BARRY DMCC 
Country: United Arab Emirates

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