Geohoney : An Organization with a Global Mission


Geohoney : An Organization with a Global Mission

How is Geohoney playing a role in saving the environment?

Geohoney is a pollination and Greentech company established in 2017, in Dubai, UAE, globally working to save the honeybees (natural pollinators) and thus, our planet. Since childhood, the founder of Geohoney, Mr. Basem Barry, was a true nature enthusiast and always wanted to contribute something for the betterment of the planet, which eventually led to the evolution of Geohoney. Bees play a significant role in nurturing the environment and protecting our planet. It started as a honey brand, later turned into a pollination company, and now is expanding its reach to provide other healthy products. They are trying to make the world take smaller steps towards a healthier and greener goal, that is slipping off our hands with every passing day, with its sustainable approaches.

What is the story of Geohoney's Founder and B.A Barry Group?

Mr. Basem Barry, the founder of Geohoney is an Entrepreneur, Business Scout, Strategist, and Serial Businessman with over 24 years of business experience. He has record achievements and milestones in many business industries. Moreover, has worked for different multinational companies in thirteen countries.

Mr. Barry, CEO of the B.A. Barry Group began his career as a Relations officer & Investor in different business domains of multinational companies over the world. Such vast experience enhanced his knowledge and power & provided him with a visionary outlook to expand his business to six companies under the B.A. Barry Group, where Geohoney is the biggest one.

B.A. Barry Group has offered successful services to more than 311 satisfied corporate clients and 21,428 satisfied individual clients in the FMCG, supply chain sourcing, Stocklat, banking, and logistical industries. Their specialized and vast knowledge enables them in running different businesses successfully. Their unique business models and great work ethics allow them to provide investors with everything that's been promised.

Geohoney is said to be a modern savior of bees and our planet. How?

"Geohoney", the concept behind its name comes from two words "Geo" and "Honey", where the prior word is a Greek word, which means the earth. The founder of Geohoney always appreciated the beauty of these tiny creatures, the work they do & the sweetness they create. The love made this a beautiful journey of protecting the bees & selling the honey successfully, by making it a leading honey company globally.

Geohoney understands earth and nature & is always working towards making the earth a healthier & better place. Mr. Barry has studied the plantation over the world & has a strong vision to produce thousands of honey types with a variety of plants present in nature. To implement this, they are working with numerous beekeepers from diverse regions worldwide. It brings rich quality, 100% organic, pure, unadulterated, uncolored, additives-free, certified, wild honey from six continents & intends to preserve the planet's biodiversity, nourish and take care of the people by delivering the purest honey of more than 300 types.

What makes Geohoney a Leading Brand and how it outshines other players in the field?

Geohoney is a standalone venture, its raw monofloral bee products, and honey is giving prominent results in treating different illnesses because of the rich content of fundamental supplements & restorative properties. Geohoney enhances the environment in a 5km radius, around every apiary it deploys. Every time it deploys its special monofloral hives, the beekeepers witness enhanced production, farmers have a fruitful harvest, livestock gets more food, and landowners see more greenery.

Geohoney has become the best by establishing a completely transparent system for the potential customers to know everything right from the nectar source to warnings, benefits, & ingredients. Each product is handled with care & hygiene from farms to your doorstep, keeping all natural properties intact.

Lack of safe habitat is one of the dangerous threats tiny pollinators are facing, but Geohoney is countering that by creating habitat corridors, which are safe for bees & are covered with plants, rich in nectar & pollen.

It also makes sure to tackle bees in the safest manner, and helps them in thriving. Moreover, avoids treating the bee gardens & green spaces with synthetics. The brand makes sure to use all-natural solutions & organic products to aid bees' health & keep parasites away from the hives. Honey bees play a pivotal role in the lives of humans & ecosystems, these efforts by Geohoney are found to be making an impact in protecting extinct vulnerable bee populations.

How is Geohoney making use of Technological Advancements to increase its worldwide monofloral honey supply?

Geohoney is a successful brand because of the technology it is using and its plans to adopt the latest technologies. Sustainable bee-keeping technologies, monofloral agri-technology, precision bee-keeping, & use of drones for monitoring the hives, are some of them they have been using to expand their honey production.

It is one of the major monofloral honey producers which uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence green technologies. In addition, they have set up numerous monofloral hives in hundreds of locations globally to let bees pollinate numerous plants.

Using their latest monofloral agri-technology, they are working to increase the current world supply of monofloral honey from 2 to 100 million metric tonnes by 2033.

The patented agri-tech initiatives have been beneficial to several challenges faced by the beekeeping sector. It has also led the way to disrupt the age-old beekeeping system with affordable solutions and innovative ideas.

Moreover, Geohoney's user-friendly app & website are perfect to enhance customer experience & provide easy ordering.

Is Geohoney's Monofloral Technology a Savior for the environment & the bees?

They are the first to bring new-patented monofloral agri-tech initiatives into the beekeeping industry. With their monofloral technology, they are saving the bees that will in turn save us. As bees are critical to ensure pollination and food security. Many people are unaware of bees and beekeeping, that it can help preserve habitats, protect watersheds, and improve soil health, and water quality.

Where is Geohoney now, in terms of growth?

Geohoney is a company with a scope of business aligning in areas of Global Bee Pollination, Global Monofloral Initiatives, & Environmental sustainability. They are already encouraging local communities to plant and grow more flowers, educating and asking them to buy native plant species that bloom throughout the year, to offer bees rich nectar sources.

Also, focusing on developing single blossoms (simple corolla & one ring of petals) rather than double blossoms. As, single blossoms contain comparatively more nectar and pollen, less thick, all that makes it easier for honey bees to reach the pollen, which would make pollination effective. Where pollination plays a critical role in the food supply. It is also replacing polyfloral hives with monofloral hives, increasing worldwide monofloral honey production by 20 times.

The hives designed by them are such that they can save 20% of the energy of bees, usually spent on cooling & heating the hive. Such a feature, helps bees' colonies to grow bigger & last longer and thus offering more pollination hours.

Are there any Future Goals that Geohoney will be aiming for?

Co-branding is one of the major goals that Geohoney aims to achieve in the near future. With increased production that comes with more monofloral hives, technological progression, and expansion, there will be more tie-ups with local and global food companies. In such tie-ups, they can use monofloral honey for their products and replace plain sugar.

The ultimate goal of Geohoney is to protect various bee species & the planet. Their aim is to deploy monofloral agri-tech in 10,000 locations by the end of 2030, to reduce carbon footprints on the earth. Moreover, its mission is to boost honey production to 2 to 100 million metric tonnes by 2033 with the integration of the latest AI technologies & innovations.

What are the achievements & milestones, Geohoney has claimed?

They have patented monofloral technology and are a verified member of the world intellectual properties organization WIPO. Also, they have gained positive testimonials from customers all across the world. Commencing Oct 2022, it started to reach out via media coverage and exposure. Also, they will announce big awards and milestones in due course.

Are there any proprietorships that Geohoney holds?

Geohoney holds over 120 bee-keeping farms in 44 countries around the world. It sells almost 280 types of honey and the monofloral honey supply is approx. 47,000 MT. The number of beekeepers currently working under Geohoney is 57,000. Also, it supplies over 226 SKU products after filling & packaging at 3 working facilities through 6 global dispatch points. There are around 1,155 suppliers and has served 566,000 satisfied customers to date. Moreover, it has 4 patents and WIPO, the paid-up capital is about 64.12M USD. Furthermore, you can buy Geohoney products through App, Online & 53 POS. It is accredited by CE, ISO, FDA, HACCP, ENAS, ILAC, ETC.

How is Geohoney Contributing to the world?

Fascinating pollinators named bees have a huge contribution to agriculture. Henceforth, if the bees die then the world will face significant effects. As per a research study, just 2% of honeybees contribute to almost 80% of global crop pollination. Eighty percent of the agricultural system will collapse if this small bee population disappears.

Moreover, humans' food requirements would suffer greatly, if they disappeared. The variety of food products would diminish, and there would be surging in certain product costs. Many foods, like onions, avocados, apples, and other types of berries heavily rely on bees and pollination. More than 711 people faced hunger in the year 2020, Geohoney spreads knowledge to switch to healthy diets and nurture stronger communities to become more food secure.

Geohoney supports local beekeepers who face problems in selling their products and provides them the platform to sell their products to those who value nutrition, health, and sustainability.

It also focuses and works towards the purpose of saving the bees, nature, and the planet by making a positive impact on the environment. It saves bee populations by planting diverse flowering species, supporting local beekeepers, and avoiding pesticides. Moreover, they are trying to educate many people about the importance of honeybees in the environment and human lives.

It educates and supports the local communities to reduce waste and carbon footprints so that the environment can be sustainable and balanced over time.

The world is seeing a lot of climate change every day and so we need bees to help the plants survive. Geohoney contributes to growing plantations through its honeybees that keep the waterways clean, produce oxygen and keep the air fresh, prevent soil erosion, and absorb CO2, which reverses global climate change. Geohoney is trying to make our environment cleaner and healthier to survive.

They also lead many awareness drives among people in order to protect these important pollinating creatures. Honeybees are in a vulnerable position in many places around the world, some have already gone extinct and others are on the verge of it. Moreover, many populations lose their adult bees due to colony collapse disorder caused by pesticide and herbicide use.

Furthermore, the decline in honeybees can disturb the ecosystem balance as they indirectly affect the growth of many plants on which various organisms are dependent. Geohoney's working process and objectives nullify all these things to the core.

What is the CSR Policy of Geohoney?

The CSR policy of Geohoney is inspired by nature. Their CSR vision is to actively contribute towards environmental and social development, which adds value to mother earth and nature. Geohoney's mission is to ensure natural sustainability by ecological regeneration, preservation, security, re-development of endangered plant species, and advancing biodiversity.

CSR initiatives also reach extensive local areas through their bee protection efforts. Just like humans, even honeybees are coordinated and agreeable, which gave them more than enough motivation towards attaining their objectives like supporting the vast worldwide dispersed workforce with real-time communication and productivity tools.

Why Investors Trust Geohoney?

Being a leading pollination and Greentech company, it offers its investors complete packages and high yields, making their investment exceptionally fruitful and niche specific. They provide benefits to all their investors and bring wellness and prosperity to wildlife, humanity, and the planet. There are various advantages of being in association with Geohoney, like an annual profit of 27 percent, share ownership priority in the near future, listing in the Better Earth Community (Bee Activists), VIP invitations to events, and VIP Annual Family Packages.

Their prime mission is to set up a hundred thousand monofloral hives on 10,000 farms around the world to reach faster and contribute to Global Nobel Initiatives that strive to save the planet.

Geohoney also fosters direct relationships between local communities, beekeepers, and investors, so that everyone can play their part in saving the bees and nature, and increasing the production of global monofloral honey that offers multiple health benefits.

Geohoney, In a gist!

Geohoney is the global platform that chooses green technology in all the ways to do business. They are committed to the mission to develop green technologies for sustainable environmental, community, and economic impact. It builds and manages green technology with practical solutions to save the planet. They are a professional company working in an environmentally friendly manner in the fields of honey production, pollination, and monofloral technology.

Geohoney supports and trains communities to reduce waste and carbon footprint, and take steps to achieve a balanced and sustainable environment.

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