Geohoney Launches Brand New Chocolate Honey for Increased Cognitive Abilities and Enhanced Mood!


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“Chocolate has been proven to be a craving for around 65% of the people of all age groups across the globe. However, regular and heavy consumption of cocoa has also raised certain disputes about its benefits and created chaos about the bad effects of it on the health.”

Dubai, 26 June 2020 – Amidst the enormous benefits of cocoa, there have been extensive discussions about its effects on tooth decay and related problems. Moreover, in the studies, cocoa has also been associated with effects like acne, obesity, diabetes, etc. correlated to its sugar content. However, Geohoney thought of studying the benefits of the cocoa and then merging those with the best natural immunity booster, raw honey. Therefore, after rigorous research and meticulous studies, assorting the 100% pure cocoa beans with the most organic raw honey, chocolate honey. 

With the much-appraised benefits like enhanced cognitive abilities, related to the direction of energy at the most required areas of the brain and enhanced mood due to induced secretion of dopamine and serotonin in the body, honey chocolate has proven to be highly effective in other areas of life. Additionally, the honey content of it cannot be ignored that has its own benefits for skin, boosting immunity, reducing the risk of chronic heart diseases, healing wounds, etc. Therefore, when the purest cocoa meets the raw honey, a mixture that is handmade is generated producing Chocolate honey. 

The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggests that a little dark chocolate boosts oxygen availability during fitness training, which now brings to another most seek benefits among the youth that is always moving faster. It also has specific benefits for pregnancy and has been proven that raw chocolate honey can enhance fetal development. 

Mr. Barry, the founder of Geohoney, quoted – “When we first had thought of encouraging regular honey usage across the globe, we thought of the most preferred food which enhances high dopamine levels and came across cocoa. Finally, we decided that chocolate honey will give people the benefits of honey, along with their craving satisfaction. Hence, they will be more likely to consume honey that boosts the immunity.

The confectionery is always thought of as more harmful to health compared to its benefits. Raw honey chocolate proves to be an exception, and it has various benefits that one observes upon consumption. Among the very few producers, Geohoney delivers the raw chocolate honey in 6 variants. Raw honey must become a habit, and rare honey chocolate is proving to be just the best for human consumption, exciting them to choose beneficial immunity supplements that promote other benefits as well. 


Company Name:  B A BARRY DMCC 
Country: United Arab Emirates

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