Geohoney Launches Premium Organic Sugar: A Sweet Health Revolution


Geohoney Launches Premium Organic Sugar a Sweet Health Revolution

[Dubai, 11th March 2024] - Geohoney, a leading name in quality and authenticity, is proud to announce the launch of its latest product line – Premium Organic Sugar. This exquisite sugar, derived from premium Brazilian sugar cane, marks a significant stride towards healthier sweetening options without compromising on taste and quality.


Geohoney's Premium Organic Sugar, boasting an Icumsa 400-1200 rating, stands out for its commitment to purity and environmental consciousness. Unlike conventional sugars, this new offering is meticulously produced, prepared, and naturally processed, ensuring that it remains free from chemicals, additives, and GMOs. With a limited production approach, Geohoney's Organic Sugar guarantees the finest quality, derived from fields basking in natural sunshine, enriched with fresh water and surrounded by clean air.


"We are thrilled to introduce our Organic Sugar product line to our valued customers," exclaimed Mr. Basem Barry, CEO of Geohoney. "At Geohoney, we prioritise quality and authenticity in all our products, and our Organic Sugar is no exception. We believe that everyone deserves access to natural and wholesome ingredients, and our new product is a testament to that commitment."


Geohoney's Organic Sugar is refined in the world's best refinery in Brazil, ensuring premium quality crystals with a crisp texture. These crystals add richness to sweet beverages and desserts, remaining clump-free with individual microcrystals for a dry, non-absorbing texture. The sugar dissolves instantly in liquids without leaving any solid remnants, enhancing the overall culinary experience.


Available in various sizes to suit different needs, Geohoney's Organic Sugar is offered in Gazette Bags (1kg, 2kg, and 5kg), Sachets (Boxes and Bundles), and Bulk Orders (25kg and 1 Ton for unbranded/private label). Prices start at $3 per kg for Gazette Bags and $1.5 per box for Sachets.


"Geohoney's Organic Sugar is a little bit of everyday magic for your kitchen, providing an instant energy boost and containing vitamins and minerals for enhanced health," added Barry. "It is perfect for preparing various sweets, desserts, baked goods, as well as hot and cold beverages."

To make the switch to Geohoney's Organic Sugar and experience the perfect blend of sweetness and wellness, customers can visit or contact Geohoney at +971562413670 or

Join the sweet revolution in health with Geohoney – where sugar becomes a healthy choice. Change your life today.


About Geohoney:

Geohoney is a renowned brand committed to sourcing and delivering natural and organic honey and sugar products. With a focus on quality, authenticity and environmental consciousness, Geohoney aims to provide customers with wholesome ingredients for a healthier lifestyle.

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Why stick to a cheap and unhealthy one, if you can get not so pricey sugar but healthy.

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New product to explore on Geohoney, must try.

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Wow!!! amazing, new product has been launched.

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