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Honey is one of nature's miracles. For a long, it has been utilized as a significant natural sweetener. According to B A Barry, founder of Geohoney, the increased usage of honey in modern medicine is due to honey's exceptional health-promoting properties. Being accepted as a great food source by various traditions & civilizations, honey as medicine has been continuously studied & explored in modern times.

Dubai, UAE – January 09, 2021 – Honey is the sweet liquid made by the little honey bees using various flowers' nectar. Honey has a few significant characteristics in addition to its unique composition and taste. Freshly extracted honey is a thick fluid. Its consistency relies upon a huge assortment of substances and changes with its composition, especially with its water content.

The colour of honey varies from clear & colourless to dark golden or black. This colour difference is mainly due to the distinction in botanical origin, age, and storage conditions. Though ancient races have utilized the beneficial properties of natural honey, it is now holding a key place in modern medicine.

Role & Importance of Honey in Modern Medicine:-

(1) Wound Healing – Components of antimicrobial movement of honey are unique compared to antibiotics, which decimate the microorganisms' cell walls or hinder intracellular metabolic pathways. Acting as a cleanser on wounds, honey stimulates tissue regeneration & reduces inflammation at a faster rate.

(2) Gastrointestinal Diseases – Numerous studies have shown that oral administration of honey assists greatly in treating gastrointestinal infections such as gastritis, duodenitis, and gastric ulceration. The antibacterial factors present in honey are found to resolve diarrhea and gastroenteritis quickly.

(3) Fungal Infections – Honey has been accounted to have inhibitory effects on organisms. Coetaneous and superficial mycoses like ringworm and athlete's foot are discovered to be receptive to honey. This responsiveness is mainly because of parasitic development's restraint and halfway to the hindrance of bacterial contamination. Several studies even reported that topical application of honey is effective in treating dandruff & dermatitis.

(4) Ophthalmology – Honey is utilized worldwide to treat different ophthalmological conditions like blepharitis, keratitis, conjunctivitis, corneal wounds, etc. A study on 102 patients with non-responsive eye issues also revealed that topical application of honey has shown improvement in 85% of the patients. In the remaining 15%, there was no progression in illness. Utilization of honey in infective conjunctivitis diminishes redness & swelling.

(5) Diabetes – Use of honey in type I and type II diabetes was related to essentially lower glycemic index than glucose or sucrose in ordinary diabetes. Honey invigorates insulin discharge, declines blood glucose levels, hoists hemoglobin focus, and improves lipid profile, thereby plays a major role in reducing the risk of diabetes. 

According to Mr. B A Barry, products with natural origin have emerged out as efficient therapeutics compared to synthetic drugs. In addition to the significant role of bee honey in conventional medication, researchers likewise acknowledge honey as another powerful medication for many illnesses. For more information about the wonderful health benefits of honey, visit –

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