Here’s How Climate Change Is Affecting Bees


Climate Change Is Affecting honey Bees

On the macro level, climate change is having a profound effect on the environment. The issue seems to have penetrated the inner fabrics of the ecosystem, wherein colonies of bees face an increased hardship in dealing with these changing times. This article showcases how nature is messing around with the species that generally impose intimidating with their stinger. GeoHoney firmly believes that bees have a major role in the overall health of the planet. Keeping honey aside, bees do have a significant role in shaping the overall pattern of our planet. As pollinators, they have a significant share in the world's GDP. Whenever consuming fruit or cereal, keep in mind the role of bees as pollinators, it is they who kick-start Earth’s food chain. People need to become aware of the declining bee populations, frantic trends in terms of migratory patterns and shifting habitat have largely seen bee populations shifting towards the north. This has resulted in constricting habitats of bee populations.

Human development is cited to have caused a major effect on Earth’s temperature and changing climatic conditions. The surviving 30,000 bee species need to be attended to and ensure they don’t get prone to becoming vulnerable.  Climate change has also altered the timings of flowering and pollination. The two need to be in sync to ensure the plant and bee species are saved. Imagine the troubles of hand-pollinating plants, we just can’t match up to what the bees do and we must respect that. Warmer and drier conditions were the culprit to decreasing bee populations. Intense agricultural patterns coupled with urban development have caused changes in land use and traditional habitats of bees. It is important to understand that bees don’t cope well with hot temperatures, warm and dry conditions will only lead to extinction. Bees are very specific as to what they feed on, we are also aware that natural food is only reducing for native bees and that is a great cause of concern for us. All that is pleasurable – fruits and nuts, chocolate and coffee heavily rely on insect pollination. GeoHoney thinks that the talk on bee safety and climate change should be given importance at climate change conferences.       

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