Himalayan Salt Lamps – Are They Harmful For The Plants?


Himalayan Salt Lamps – Are They Harmful For The Plants?

Himalayan salt lamps have become a popular décor item commonly placed in rooms to illuminate them.  Certain people use them to design rooms, parlors, walkways and offices. The reviving feeling that accompanies these lamps must be compared with the temperament at the beach or after a thunderstorm.

Himalayan salt lamps are crystals carved from amber-colored rock that gives out a warm, rosy pink shine. They are known to be one of the most perfect types of salt and contain trace measures of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron oxide.

These lamps decrease stress, anxiety, and allergies. They have also been known to give you a sensation of relaxation and cleanse your surroundings by removing bacteria. As these salt lamps provide numerous benefits to us, it is actually very important to know if they are good for plants too?

Effects Of Putting Himalayan Salt Lamps Near Plants –

A salt lamp is beneficial not exclusively to you and your family yet in addition to plants because of the phenomenon known as chromo therapy.

As per chromo therapy, vibrations from the scope of colors can fundamentally impact your plants, because of the electromagnetic waves from the lamp to fill this need.

What Is Chromo Therapy?

We humans can see a limited number of colors. The salt lamp gives a full range of varieties that give advantages to plants and animals.

The electromagnetic range is laid out in wavelengths of light from the longest wave to the shortest one. Soothing light helps to enhance moods and assist in cell regeneration. For plants, light affects them differently as explained below:

Red Light – In chromo therapy, red is a passionate color variety. It has a range with the longest frequencies and it's useful to plants during their blossoming and food production stages.

While Light – The white light is barely fundamental, plants still absorb them.

Green Light – Green plants reflect the color only to us since objects are known never to ingest the colors they are produced using.

Purple Light – Purple is the energy promoter in the team. For people as well as plants this color helps plants throughout their growth phase.

Blue Light – Blue light is one of the best as it assists plants with growing steadily - bringing about healthy roots, stems, and leaves. Your plants would require blue toward the start of their development.

Knowing heaps of advantages, one should place a Himalayan salt lamp in their home. Since we have shared great stuff about chromo therapy and the advantages of different colors for plants, you should realize that there are many lamps available in the market that will essentially help enhance the home.

These soothing and sleep-friendly lamps are also a good option for your every room.  At last, the decision of picking up a lamp will rely on your personality and your home setting. Getting a perfect-sized Himalayan salt lamp for your home will provide more energy and positivity around your home and are good for your pets & plants too. Then, why not buy them today at Geohoney!

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