Himalayan Salt Lamps - Facts And Benefits


Facts And Benefits Of The Himalayan Salt Lamp

Splendid and unique décor items spruce up the interiors of any place, be it the home, café, office, etc. However, interior designers charge a bombshell for alluring interiors by selecting the perfect décor products. These elements range from lamps, chandeliers, and antique pieces to furnishings like rugs and curtains too. They have a talent for picturing which accessory is excellent for your space.

If we endeavor to invest some little energy and time exploring home décor things, we can even perfectly enliven the space by purchasing the best Himalayan salt lamps. These lamps accentuate the home's aesthetics and impress everyone around and provide several health benefits.

What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt lamps are precious crystals made from amber-colored rock salt, hollowed out to fit a light bulb inside. When you light them, they give out a warm, rosy pink glow.

Sellers of these beautiful pieces say they do more than light up a room. Himalayan salt lamps offer several health benefits such as easing allergies, boosting mood, improving sleep, enhancing breathing, cleaning the air, and many others.

These lamps are made from the salt crystals obtained from one of the oldest salt mines in the world, located near the Himalayas (Khewra Salt Mine, Pakistan). The main composition of these lamps is sodium chloride and higher content of trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iron. These elements are mainly responsible for the pink color of these lamps. Being a perfect décor item, these lamps look absolutely good and provide a soothing ambiance as well.

Substantial Health Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

1. Help In Easy Breathing –

Some researchers have shown that asthma symptoms can be managed by placing a Himalayan salt lamp in the home. Fundamentally, the negative ions released by these salt lamps can eliminate harmful particles from the air. In addition, when these ions build up on the bacteria, they neutralize the pollutants in the environment, making the air cleaner & pure to breathe. Surprisingly, offering better results than air purifiers available on the market.

2. Assists In Better Sleeping –

Impure air in the room is one of the main reasons for lack of sleep. Not taking a good night's rest won't simply bring down the body's energy; however, it will reduce work productivity and confidence and make you feel irritated. Himalayan salt lamps work great in this case too. The soothing light of the Himalayan salt lamps relaxes the body & mind, thereby allowing one to sleep better.

3. Reduces Coughing –

Negative ions released by salt lamps safeguard the body from airborne germs by removing the pollutants that contaminate the air. It protects the body and prevents foreign particles from entering the lungs, which helps in preventing symptoms of the common cold. It also reduces sneezing, sore throats, coughing, and other minor symptoms.

4. Enhances Mood –

Positive ions are generally believed to increase depression, stress, anxiety, and other unpleasant feelings. On the other hand, negative ions help in easing stress and improving overall wellbeing, a study has proved. Himalayan salt lamps thus help in enhancing the mood all because of the release of negative ions when lit up. The high amounts of negative air ions released from salt lamps alter levels of serotonin, a chemical that contributes to feelings of wellbeing. It assists in lessening depression and has a positive effect on sleep quality & anxiety levels.

5. Energizes The Body –

When we get good sleep & have a good mood, our bodies automatically feel energized. This is probably the key reason for placing Himalayan salt lamps in massage parlors and spas. These lamps help to stay away from the stress and rejuvenate & energize the body throughout the day.

6. Enhances Cognitive Performance –

It has been believed that releasing ions, especially negative ions, helps in increasing concentration, reasoning, verbal intelligence, and attention in people. When turned on, Himalayan salt lamps release such ions, leading to increased memory and learning rate.

Above all the health benefits, few studies have revealed that Himalayan salt lamps might assist in lowering the risk of heart diseases. This is because negative ions are supposed to accelerate the blood flow in the body, thereby curing several vascular system disorders in the body. In addition to this, the soothing light of these salt lamps works well in reducing depression, relieving stress, and maintaining blood pressure levels which keep the heart stronger and healthier.

But it should always be kept in mind that salt lamps are not the proper treatment for heart diseases. More research is still needed in this area of Himalayan salt lamp benefits for heart patients. Thereby, it is suggested to place a beautiful Himalayan salt lamp in any area of the home to enhance mental & physical wellbeing.

These eco-friendly light sources are a great option to consider for improving indoor air quality and producing a healthy light spectrum.

How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

These lamps act via two critical mechanisms called Hygroscopicity & Ion Generation. Therefore, to understand the working of these lamps, it is essential to understand these terms.

(1) Hygroscopicity –

Though the term sounds a bit complicated, it is simply the ability to hold in moisture. As salt is a hygroscopic substance that takes moisture from the air, salt lamps also attract harmful particles present in the air, such as dust, pollutants, and microbes. The heat created by the light dissipates the water, while the particles stay on the outer layer of the salt crystal.

This property additionally makes sense why Himalayan salt lights "sweat" when turned off for a longer time. This is because the salt crystals continue to absorb moisture but don't evaporate it. In many cases, this absorbed moisture can leak. So while the hygroscopicity of salt is proven, it's not satisfactory whether Himalayan salt lights take up sufficient air moisture to eliminate a noticeable amount of air particles.

(2) Ion Generation –

Ions are, basically, charged particles. Unlike them, all atoms that combine to shape molecules are not charged. They have a similar measure of positive (protons) and negative (electrons) ions. Ions are made just when molecules lose or acquire electrons.

In nature, air molecules are transformed into particles by radiation, lighting, and friction (for example, from waves, cascades, and storms). Air ionizers are artificial products used for producing ions. These electronic devices utilize high voltage to break the bond of air particles.

Ions tie to air particles and charge them, which works with their expulsion. Moreover, exposure to air particles also affects well-being and behavior that generally rely upon whether they are positively or negatively charged.

What To Look For While Buying A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

To receive the prospective health rewards of a salt lamp, it is a must to buy a genuine Himalayan salt. Numerous plastic lamps are available in the market, yet these are just light sources. Himalayan salt lamps not only attract moisture from the air, but they should also offer health advantages. Consequently, you'll need to search for a Himalayan salt lamp with some base. Furthermore, they make the room cleaner because of the negative ions being released and attaching themselves to harmful particles in the air.

Color is one more vital factor to consider. The most well-known salt lamps come in golden color; however, they're really accessible in different normally occurring colors, giving red, orange, and pink glow.

Make sure to buy these lamps only from a genuine seller as salt lamps with low-quality electric components may overheat and catch fire. This is not only harmful to the people coming in touch but may put the house on fire. It is suggested to check that its electronic components meet the UL standards.

With the rise in popularity of these lamps, many vendors are selling cheap imitations of these lamps which are not beneficial in any way. While looking out for the signs of an authentic Himalayan salt lamp, the below points can be helpful to differentiate the fake product from the original one –

(i) Fake lamps are too light weighted

(ii) Fake lamps don't sweat

(iii) Fake lamps have even color

(iv) Fake lamps give bright light

(v) Fake lamps are not salty

(vi) Fake lamps are not fragile

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Last Forever?

These lamps are made up of genuine pink salt crystals, so they can last a long time. Salt doesn't disappear or evaporate, making these lamps a good source of light that can stay in their original state forever. When salt lamps are taken good care of, they can be used continuously for many years. All that needs to be replaced is the bulb inside. There are several factors upon which the lasting of these lamps depends.

(a) Hygroscopic Nature Of The Lamp –

Salt lamps are hygroscopic in nature that attract moisture and become damp & sticky. Genuine quality lamps generally sweat when the weather becomes wet or moist as they draw water vapors into the salt particles bringing some physical change to them. If your lamp sweats and becomes damp, this implies that it will last forever.

(b) Hard Yet Brittle –

The lasting of salt lamps also depends on their hardness & brittleness. This is all because salt crystals are tightly packed with both negative & positive ions in specific positions. Therefore, whenever excess pressure is applied to it, the lamp breaks into several pieces.

(c) Soluble In Water –

As salt is soluble in water, so are the Himalayan salt lamps. Keeping the cord and bulb aside, it will trim its surface when the lamp is immersed in water. If the salt lamp you purchased is of similar quality, then it is of genuine quality and will last longer.

What To Buy & Where To Place A Himalayan Salt Lamp?

With regards to purchasing Himalayan pink salt lamps, coverage is determined by the size of the crystal. Therefore, small lamps are great for the bedroom, while giant lamps are better for spaces like the parlor, living room, office area, restaurants, etc.

In case you haven't found a large lamp, it is good to buy multiple lamps and place them in every area around the place. Purchasing appropriately-sized lamps for the areas where you spend the most time is the nicest way to gain health benefits. Therefore, it is good to place lamps in the bedroom, living room, office space, etc., wherever you spend the maximum time of the day. Next, the lamps should be placed in a room with lots of electrical devices, and finish the collection by adding lamps to infrequently-used spaces.

Himalayan salt lamps are perfect for adornment. They'll make an excellent addition to your home or yoga studio if you value their extraordinary appearance and dim pinkish glow. Make sure to buy the authentic thing for those looking to place Himalayan salt lamps as the newest décor item in the office or home. Enhance the ambiance and upkeep your health with these beautiful lamps available in exclusive variety only at Geohoney.

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