Honey & Royal Jelly: Chief Ingredients In Beauty Products Offering Holistic Benefits


Honey & Royal Jelly: Chief Ingredients In Beauty Products Offering Holistic Benefits

Honey is a superb natural ingredient, one that isn't just economical but offers plenty of benefits too. Honey is a well-known heavenly ingredient that has been utilized for millennia to improve and add flavor to food sources. 

Honey is likewise utilized broadly in beauty, skincare, and wellbeing products, including lip ointments, skin conditioners, hair treatment items, and surprisingly in cosmetics. But have you ever thought about the wonderful benefits of honey bee products in beauty products? This is because royal jelly, natural honey & other beehive products have so many wonderful properties that promote holistic wellness. These products have been used in a variety of skincare products to enhance skin’s overall health and give it perfect radiance & natural glow. Let’s have a look at these surprising benefits -

(1) Natural Emollient –

Honey is a natural moisturizer that has the ability to keep skin soft, smooth & toned. Honey gets absorbed in the skin very easily & helps it remain smoother, softer for a longer time without drying, flaking, or peeling it. 

(2) Gentle Exfoliant –

As honey keeps the skin perfectly hydrated preventing it from getting dry & flaky, it is a good exfoliant too. Being rich in beneficial properties, honey helps in the gentle removal of dead skin cells, thereby keeping the skin soft & supple. Royal jelly contains natural enzymes that also work effectively in exfoliating the skin & removing the dead skin cells. Thus, both honey & royal jelly are used in various skin care products that help clear the pores making the skin look brighter & clearer. 

(3) Great Anti-Aging Ingredient –

Honey and royal jelly have other great advantages that make them exceptionally significant in skincare and wellbeing products. Being rich in antioxidant properties, both of them work well in preventing the signs of premature aging. Apart from this honey is an anti-aging powerhouse containing gluconic acid that urges the skin to deliver collagen and elastin, proteins in the skin that keeps the skin youthful & radiant.

(4) Natural Scar Fighter –

As honey & royal jelly promote the production of collagen & elastin, both these bee products are highly capable of healing the skin effectively. Apart from this, these products also help in regenerating & regrowing lost cells thereby lightening the appearance of scars & healing them. 

(5) Restores Natural Glow –

Using royal jelly & honey in skincare products is remarkably instrumental in restoring & maintaining skin’s natural glow. Beauty products made up of these beneficial bee products are gentle on all skin types and will surely work effectively for your skin. It is worth giving them a try!

It is always necessary to avoid using such products if you are allergic to these products or experience any reaction. Try to perform a patch test before using any new skincare products to ensure that the products are good to go!

Skincare products having royal jelly & honey as key ingredients make the skin restorative, regenerative & forever young. However, when you take these magical bee products like food, the same miraculous benefits can be achieved. Visit Geohoney today to shop for the best quality UAE honey & royal jelly & include it in your daily diet to stay healthy & young.

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Riya Agrawal
2 years ago

Thanks for such a detailed article. It really helped my skin as I started using true elements honey after reading this. It works like magic, my skin is glowing well now.

Riya Agrawal
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing such a detailed article. I use true elements raw honey for my skin and it's really amazing. Your article gave me the idea to use honey on my face so thanks for that.

Joy Garcia
3 years ago

I have used royal jelly as a moisturizer and it works really good.

Anju Thomas
3 years ago

Yes, honey really works great on scars.

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