Honey And Weight Loss: Your New Diet Plan


Honey And Weight Loss

While illustrating the numerous health benefits of honey, it’s hard not to enlist weight loss in the half a dozen benefits honey claims to be having. It’s hard to fathom how consuming something rich in calories can eventually lead to weight loss. Honey is useful nourishment to be added to your diet plan especially if used as a substitute to refined sugar. Honey contains vitamins and minerals, something missing in refined sugar, making it a preferred alternate over sugar. So the question is – Can you lose weight with honey? Geohoney shows how?

Before starting the debate let us understand that honey is fat-free, cholesterol-free and sodium-free. This means if you have sweet tooth honey is so much better than jam and chocolate. So if you are being tempted by your sweet cravings, it makes perfect sense to indulge in your favorite delicious honey. White honey is used to spread on bread and cakes. You can find all kinds of delicious honey at Geohoney. It is believed that drinking warm water with honey along with a tinge of lime early in the morning could be an effective anti-cellulite which increases the body’s metabolism.

Geohoney came across some interesting findings revealing how honey helps control your appetite, consuming honey before going to bed helps your body burn more fat during the first few hours of sleep. Honey also rebalances the brain signal that compels your brain to take more sweets. Honey can be used with ginger, lemon, and cinnamon for weight loss. It is said to possess metabolizing properties that provide you energy throughout the day. These mixtures also maintain your appetite and avoid you to indulge in binge eating. Honey when taken with these ingredients also helps in detoxifying and energizing the organs.

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Muzzammil 'Aziz Issa
2 years ago

Calories count is the key to a weight loss mission. I have been able to reduce my calorie intake by swapping the sugar with honey. This provided me with extra health benefits along with helping me in my weight loss drive.

Dave Beazer
3 years ago

Just try it!

4 years ago

I am surprised, considering honey to be a sweetener; it never occurred to me that it can act as a catalyst for weight loss. Great blog!

Aesha Khan
4 years ago

Amazing diet plan for weight loss! I will try this.

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