Honey Chocolate – Quick Recipe To Make This Divinely Sweet Treat For Your Loved Ones


Honey Chocolate

Honey chocolate is one of the best rich-and-gooey dessert recipes that use the wonderful flavor of the natural sweetener. Being an extremely easy dessert recipe, these honey chocolates literally melt in the mouth & are so divine! Honey pairs so amicably with the dark chocolate, adding just a hint of sweetness. Another great thing about honey chocolate is that the texture is so smooth with an intense & tempting aroma.

Honey chocolate is one of the simplest treats to liven up your day. And when it comes to making chocolate with honey it has the same luster and snap of chocolate made with ordinary table sugar, but offers you plenty of health benefits instead!

How to Make Perfect Honey Chocolate?

This super simple honey-sweetened chocolate recipe calls for only 4 basic ingredients and produces chocolate that is hard & glossy as compared to sugar-sweetened chocolate.

As this homemade chocolate is tempered, it can be utilized in candies too without any need for refrigeration like other custom-made chocolates. Below are the quick & easy steps to make this perfect dessert anytime you want –

  • Step 1:

Collect the 4 main ingredients for the recipe –

(1) Cocoa Butter

(2) Cocoa

(3) Honey

(4) Vanilla Extract

Use a glass bowl as a double boiler and melt the cocoa butter.

  • Step 2:

Remove the glass bowl from the heat & give the cocoa butter a nice stir for 2-3 minutes. The mixture needs to be stirred in a proper way. Quick stirring is required to emulsify the cocoa fast but make sure it’s not done too fast. Giving a fast stir to this mixture can introduce a ton of air into it which is not desirable.

  • Step 3:

Continue to stir the mixture until it comes to 90°. This is the best time to add raw honey to the mixture. As the cocoa butter is not too hot, the beneficial aspects of the honey remain intact. Constant stirring of the mixture serves to temper the chocolate allowing it to remain firm and crunchy at room temperature.

  • Step 4:

Add cocoa and honey and mix them well until it is combined perfectly. Once more, be mindful so as not to include a ton of air in the mixture. Add vanilla extracts and give a nice whisk to give a smooth look.

  • Step 5:

When the combination is overall quite smooth, move your complete honey chocolate mixture into whatever mold you want to use.

  • Step 6:

This step is the last but not least. Check whether the chocolate has come to a completely solid form or not before removing it from the molds. Keep in mind not to put the chocolate in the fridge otherwise, it will get a white scale on it.

When the chocolate becomes perfectly solid, take it out from the molds and store it at room temperature for up to 3 years without issues and with no change in taste, texture, or aroma!

Confectionery is always considered unsafe to health & well-being contrasted with its advantages. But preparing this delectable chocolate using Geohoney products proves to be an exception. Raw honey chocolate has shown great results in decreasing blood pressure, reducing cancer, and improving heart health. For dessert, those aren’t bad at all! Being a leading honey business in UAE we take pride in offering people the super delicious honey chocolate box that will surely delight their taste buds!

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