Honey From Kashmir – Goodness Of Nature For Healthy Soul & Mind


Kashmir Honey

Home to majestic mountains, a cool climate & beautiful calm lakes; Kashmir is universally recognized as the “Paradise on the Earth”. Right from unbelievable beautiful landscapes to diverse flora & fauna regions, Mother Nature has bestowed Kashmir with numerous natural gifts.

Be it the costliest & aromatic spice on earth, “Saffron” to the very famous & sweet “Kashmiri Apple”, Kashmir is famous for such wonderful food substances. While talking about the famous Kashmiri things, one food substance that we can’t miss & is immensely popular around the world is Kashmir honey.

The well-extended lands & areas in Kashmir valley are less polluted & give a natural habitat to bees to collect nectar from flowers. Kashmir Honey is one of the ideal foods and medication that can bestow you with various health-related and immunity-boosting benefits. For ages, honey has been perceived as an Ayurvedic medicine that is utilized for both inward and outer applications.

Having a low glycemic index, organic honey is a natural sweetener. For all those searching for a sugar substitute & a health booster, Organic Kashmir Honey proves to be an ideal choice. Due to its high purity levels, there are numerous medical & cosmetic benefits that you can grab by consuming this honey daily.

(1) Assist in Healing Wounds –

Aside from being a significant part in adding a taste to the food, honey, likewise holds various wound healing capabilities. For ages, Kashmir honey has been utilized as a natural wound dressing because of its rich anti-bacterial properties. Various kinds of wounds like Boils, Ulcers, Pilonidal Sinus, Diabetic and Foot-Ulcers can be restored without any problem by consuming honey daily.

(2) Strengthens the Immune System –

The human body is a mix of 11 distinct systems (containing specific organs) that causes the body to run at its ideal. Adding honey in the daily diet helps in increasing T and B lymphocytes, antibodies, eosinophils, neutrophils, monocytes that helps in strengthening the immune system. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants that effectively remove free radicals from the body.

(3) Lustrous Hair & Glowing Skin –

Honey acts as a natural remedy to pamper the skin, delays the aging process, unclogs pores & gives perfect radiance. It is widely used as a natural cleanser, scrub, or lotion. Similarly, rinsing the hair with one spoon of honey & warm water gives a natural shine & makes hair healthy.

(4) Helps in Dealing Depression –

It acts as a miraculous substance in getting relief from mental pressure & toxic thoughts. Consuming warm milk & honey as a bedtime beverage enhances the sleep quality which in turn helps in dealing with depression & anxiety.

After knowing the wonderful benefits of this special type of honey, it is important to know the way to test the purity level of honey.

Tips to Identify Pure Kashmiri Honey –

(a) Organic Kashmir honey is always light in color.

(b) It comes with an exotic aroma.

(c) It crystallizes very slowly and if in case it crystallizes in a short time there might be the presence of mustard honey during the migration process.

Kashmir honey is high in demand because of its unique aroma and irresistible taste. Due to the favorable ecosystem & abundance of blossoms, many people are starting a honey business in Kashmir. Buy the best quality products from Geohoney and discover the amazing health benefits of this wholesome & natural honey you’ll ever taste on the planet.

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Shahana Mujeeb
3 years ago

Kashmir honey offers pure taste.

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3 years ago

Honey offers really amazing health benefits.

Sadaf Alam
3 years ago

Honey is the natural goodness for life.

3 years ago

Kashmir honey has amazing taste.

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Geohoney offer natural and pure products so I can be using it without any danger.

3 years ago

I was using Kashmir honey and I really like the taste of it. Too GOOD!!!

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Wow!!! Kashmir honey really offers numerous health benefits, and I have been using it.

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3 years ago

I really like the taste of kashmir honey and I am using the GeoHoney's products for last few months.

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