Honey In Diet: Some Wonderful Yet Nutritious Pairings That Are Must To Try!


Honey In Diet

God has given us a wonderful gift called honey! Being rich in antioxidants & beneficial plant compounds, honey is widely used as food & medicine & is particularly healthy as compared to refined sugar. It is mainly gathered in wax-like structures known as honeycomb. Based on the extraction method & the plant source, some popular honey varieties include –

(a) Clover Honey

(b) Manuka Honey

(c) Black Forest Honey

(d) Linden Honey

(e) Wildflower Honey

(f) Acacia Honey

(g) Oak Honey

Along with having different names, the nutritional profile of these types of honey also varies. A spoonful of honey has typically 64 calories & 17 grams of carbohydrates along with several micronutrients such as zinc, potassium & iron. As regular intake of honey offers endless health benefits, it still does not form a big part of our routine diet. Regular consumption of honey not only boosts our energy but also helps in fighting off cancer.

If these wonderful health benefits are not enough to push you to get more honey in your diet, these simple but delicious ways will surely do the work!

(1) Nuts: Roasted almonds and walnuts are our top pick. It becomes tastier if baked on with honey. Drizzle a small amount of polyfloral honey on favorite nuts, bake in the oven for few minutes, and enjoy a lovely snack that the entire family will chomp on.

(2) Fruits: If you want to give summery fruits a unique taste with a twist. Brush raw honey on your fruits like pear, strawberry, etc., and place them on the grill for a short time. Get a caramelized treat in no time that everyone will surely love without asking for the dessert.

(3) Tea: Tea is one great thing that relaxes the mood. Swirl a teaspoonful of honey in your cup of tea & elevate your sipping experience. So why not try giving a whole new taste to your beverage today!

(4) Lemonade: Add a spoonful of honey in warm lemon water & have this first in the morning! This super healthy honey lemonade will keep you full & cravings at bay. This refreshing drink also increases the chances of losing weight.

(5) Dressings and Marinades: Linden honey also works wonderfully as a dressing in salads & marinade in various non-vegetarian recipes. Mixing some salt, pepper along with lemon juice makes the salad even tastier.

Well, these are some of the lovely pairings that you can add to your diet. Make sure to pick your favorite honey flavor from Geohoney and consume it in moderation. Make honey a part of your regular diet & feel the difference in your body & energy levels.

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1 year ago

Honey is on my list, as one of the components of my diet.

Shahana Mujeeb
3 years ago

Delicious way to stay fit.

Saman Atif
3 years ago

With honey you can make lots of delicious recipes.

3 years ago

Hi, Hope you are doing good. Could you please let me know Which type of honey is the top best for weight loss. Thanks Anu

3 years ago

Yes, honey is very helpful ingredient for my diet routine.

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