How Is Clover Honey Good For Improving Heart Health?


How Is Clover Honey Good For Improving Heart Health?

Honey is always marketed as a natural and healthy alternative to sugar that we use daily. We all love to add honey as a replacement for sugar in various recipes, as it not only enhances the food taste but provides a healthy boost to our system. However, before adding this beneficial ingredient to your diet, it is worth knowing about an incredible honey variety, i.e. clover honey.

What is Clover honey?

Clover honey is nutritious honey made by tiny little bees. As the name recommends, honey bees make this honey variety by gathering nectar from clover (Trifolium) blossoms. 

There are around 300 types of clover plants. The plants grow in calm and subtropical areas across the world (except Australia and Southeast Asia). Hardy & widespread clovers are a favoured food source for honey bees, making clover honey one of the most well-known types of honey you'll find in the supermarket. 

Bees produce clover honey by gathering nectar from clover blossoms, carrying it to their hives, and keeping it in honeycombs. This honey stored in bee colonies solidifies into a kind of thick wax. Beekeepers gather the honey at regular periods throughout the year. Many beekeepers heat the liquid before packing it in bottles, while some sell it raw. When eaten raw, it offers some significant health benefits. 

Clover honey doesn't have a lot to bring to the table; however, it has limited quantities of: 

Nutrient C 






One tablespoon of clover honey contains 64 calories, 0 grams of protein, 0 grams of fat, 0 grams of fibre and 16 grams of sugar.

Clover honey has a one of a kind taste that is somewhat flowery and obviously sweet. What makes it different from other sweeteners is that it is wealthy in antioxidants and has calming properties that can work on our well-being. Many people like to use it in tea, coffee and for baking purposes. It additionally functions admirably as a solution for a cough and cold. 

As a light coloured honey, it's exceptionally high in flavonoids and phenolic acid, two mitigating antioxidants known for giving an essential medical advantage like improving heart health. 

But How Clover Honey Keeps Your Heart Healthy?

(1) Helps in Maintaining Blood Pressure Levels - 

Hypertension raises your odds of heart disease. Clover honey is high in flavonoids, antioxidants that can assist with controlling your blood pressure levels, thus securing your heart wellbeing. Flavonoid content additionally prompts better blood circulation, as well as transportation of oxygen and supplements all through your body. It helps the veins to widen and relax, which can bring down your blood pressure.

(2) Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels - 

High cholesterol levels are another danger factor for heart disease. In addition to the fact that clover honey has zero cholesterol, yet it can also assist with bringing down LDL cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) levels and keep your overall cholesterol numbers in check.

Clover honey is a widely popular, light-coloured honey variety that offers numerous advantages when appropriately consumed and in moderate quantities. Buy it from the best natural honey brand today and sweeten your food and drinks without worrying about your health.

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