How To Choose The Best Organic Honey And Raw Honey?


How To Choose The Best Organic Honey And Raw Honey?

Shopping for the best quality honey is an exhausting task. Numerous containers and colored jars, bear-shaped bottles, filtered, unfiltered, dark, light, and so much more is what you usually see on the supermarket shelves. Apart from this, you may have likely come across words like “organic” and “raw” when choosing honey. But what does it mean? For making it easier to understand different kinds of honey, let us first know what organic honey & raw honey mean?

Organic honey is produced from the pollen of naturally developed plants without chemical miticides to treat the honey bees. Therefore, purchasing organic honey guarantees that you avoid contact with pesticides that might be splashed on or close to the plants visited by honey bees. Honey bees generally fly up to 2 miles from the hive searching for blossoms, and that implies that every one of the blossoms inside this 2-mile span is certified organic for the honey to be truly organic. As you would expect, this can be hard to control, yet an Organic certification is a decent way you can be certain the apiary is taking consideration to guarantee it. However, it should be kept in mind that honey labeled “organic” is not necessarily raw or minimally processed unless labeled as such.

On the other hand, Raw honey is the honey “as it exists in the beehive”. It is extracted from the beehives and poured over a cloth or mesh to separate honey from other particles like beeswax, dead bees, pollen, etc. This unfiltered, unpasteurized honey is then bottled and can be eaten now. Though raw honey appears opaque or cloudy, it is loaded with essential components and is completely safe to eat.

Raw Honey Is Not Exactly the Same as Organic

Raw honey and organic honey are both subjected to different regulations in different world regions. Raw honey is not pasteurized or processed, whereas organic honey comes from a bee farm that meets organic standards. Organic honey may also be pasteurized and processed.

How to Choose Best Organic Honey and Raw Honey?

(1) First, understand what raw honey and organic honey mean and look for genuine honey stores like Geohoney who harvest and stock their product directly from the farms without altering the quality and keeping all beneficial components intact. 

(2) Look for the label that mentions raw or organic honey and read all the ingredients carefully. 

(3) Some honey stores also provide free samples. Tasting honey before buying is a good way to get only what you need. 

At Geohoney, we pride ourselves on bringing the best of the best organic honey & raw honey varieties for people all across the world. We are committed to excellence and place a high priority to help people get the right product on their table. Explore our range of honey products and choose your favorite to experience various health benefits.

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