Importance of Honey to Treat Sexual Dysfunction in Women


Importance of Honey to Treat Sexual Dysfunction in Women

The way to have an enriching relationship with your partner is to have good sexual health. However, many couples find it hard to enjoy the best delights because of a few factors, including stress, lack of energy, performance anxiety, and medical factors. People look for many things that improve their sexual performance, self-esteem & confidence. Here, honey makes one of the more admired ingredients in the list of sex-boosting food. Honey can significantly influence sexual appetite. We all have heard about the aphrodisiac qualities of honey for sex.

The Nutritional Profile of Honey –

Honey is a natural sweetener respected in the well-being ecosphere for its capacity to further develop health, including sexual well-being. This is because of the imperative supplements present in the natural elixir.

Season, vegetation, and natural climate assume a significant part in defining the dietary benefit of honey. However, the vitally constituent found in honey is simple carbohydrates - fructose and sucrose. Aside from that, honey contains a large number of nutrients, proteins, and amino acids.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women –

Female sexual dysfunction isn't simply psychological; it is complicated to treat. Despite the complexity, there is no obvious explanation for women settling for a sexual life at whatever stage in life. Women are exhausted for many reasons and may not have the energy left for sex. Let us talk in detail about various issues in women that impact their sexual life.

  • Psychological Issues –

Uneasiness, depression, and relationship issues should be tended to. Perplexingly, a portion of the medications are used to treat depression. The proper remedy can have a significant effect. For example, the antidepressant bupropion (Wellbutrin) has actually increased libido.

An unfortunate experience in sex that is both sexually & physically painful will unquestionably influence desire. Counseling can be effective in overcoming any bad sexual experience and discussing the issues frankly.

  • Hormone Levels –

Our hormones assume a vital part in practically every part of sexual well-being. Plunging estrogen levels related to menopause can prompt a dive in excitement. Testosterone, so fundamental to male libido, has also been connected to libido in women.

Usually, each woman is put on a similar hormone replacement regimen when she reaches menopause. It was a cutout approach with no logical premise. Presently, there are many custom hormones available based on individual needs. It has a staggering difference in terms of arousal and libido!

Vaginal dryness, seen as an epidemic in post-menopausal ladies, can be dealt with successfully with estrogen cream, a vaginal estrogen ring, or vaginal estrogen suppositories. A few botanicals and more current silicone-based lubricants can increment sexual fulfillment for those wishing to stay away from hormones. Women are living such a long life. Why not be healthy physically and sexually throughout your lifespan?

What Honey Can Do?

For a long time, healthcare specialists have promoted natural honey as a characteristic remedy to support desire and drive among individuals of reproductive age. This may be because of the higher concentration of vitamin B and Boron it contains. Boron, the trace mineral, is known for its capacity to develop further muscle coordination separated from its bone-reinforcing action. Better muscle coordination implies better sexual performance. Thus, consuming a spoonful of honey consistently can assist you with enjoying the perfect bliss of romance.

Honey also gives an instant dose of energy that most people require because of life issues like poor nutrition, disturbed sleep, stress, and depression. While numerous potent rejuvenators are present in the market today, eating a spoonful of honey can give you a few added benefits. Each spoon of honey you ingest contains 17 grams of carbohydrates. What a sweet increase in energy! In this way, the next time you feel a drop in energy and stamina on a romantic date night, eat a spoonful of honey for that moment to support your energy and endurance. Doing as such assists you with receiving the sexual rewards of honey.

Aside from its aphrodisiac properties, honey is considered a top elixir for helping overall well-being. It is why most medical companies sell honey as a part of their well-being combos. While honey lifts sexual life, it is a natural solution for various medical issues. Therefore, we should look at the best medical advantages of honey.

  • It aids in weight management
  • Soothes burns & cuts
  • Increases body immunity
  • Relieves hangover
  • Enhance mood & provides better sleep
  • Revives skin's radiance


Above are some of the natural benefits of natural honey when consumed regularly in moderation. As it contains a scope of nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that work on the body's digestion and sexual well-being, it is trusted to work on sexual health for both men & women since ancient times. Are you also looking to gain the raw honey benefits for sexuality? Explore Geohoney's collection today!

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kanishk Fitzerald
1 year ago

Raw honey is the best natural treatment for post-menopause problems. I have been eating organic honey to keep myself fit.

Teressa P. Bunnell
1 year ago

I have been eating a spoonful of raw honey daily to keep my body's hormones balanced. This good habit has been quite beneficial for me.

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