Is Sidr Honey In Dubai Tastes Different?


Is Sidr Honey In Dubai Tastes Different?

Honey, the natural sweetener, is regarded as a miracle cure throughout history. It has strong references in ancient manuscripts, stone-age cravings and religious texts. It has been an essential ingredient for many civilizations, from the Sumerians to the Greek, Roman and Chinese empires. Demand for honey as a curative agent, beauty aid, and antibacterial agent continues to rise because of its beneficial properties.

Sidr honey is one of the most beneficial monofloral honey varieties produced using the nectar of the wild Sidr tree. As this tree is considered sacred and used by ancient people as natural medicine, Sidr honey is considered a sacred honey variety. It is a rare honey variety that is harvested only once a year.

Does Sidr Honey in Dubai Taste Different?

Sidr honey is locally produced & harvested in various farms located across Dubai. Packed with vital nutrients and essential minerals, Sidr honey in Dubai is directly sourced from the hives, which guarantees that honey is 100% natural, pure, chemical-free, without antibiotics, pesticides, additives, herbicides and pollutants.

No pesticides, synthetic substances or manures are utilized to develop these trees and the honey extraction process is completed utilizing basic instruments, a little smoke and a few sharp blades. The honey is then poured, unheated and crude, into holders, adding health benefits. It is rarely harvested and considered the finest honey one can relish. It comes with remarkable healing properties that make it a superior variety compared to other honey types. Some of the health benefits of Sidr honey in Dubai include –

(1) Being a rich source of antioxidants, it helps cure skin issues. It is an antibiotic and treats infections, sun damage, acne and signs of aging.

(2) The rich anti-inflammatory properties of honey work well in soothing the skin in case of wounds, burns and insect bites. Sidr honey also consists of phytochemicals that have strong anti-inflammatory properties compared to other honey types.

(3) Sidr honey helps fight free radicals and acts as a natural immunity booster for all.

(4) Regular consumption of Sidr honey in any form aids in treating digestive issues, preventing acid reflux, healing ulcers and soothing upset stomach.

(5) The strong antibacterial properties of Sidr honey helps in curing sinus infections.

(6) It is perfect for liver problems, promotes general health & vitality.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of using Sidr honey; it comes with a hefty price tag too. The high medicinal qualities & difficulty of sourcing it adds to its production cost. At Geohoney, we believe that delivering the highest grade of Sidr honey is the best way to share our help in keeping our customers healthy. Including honey in daily diet help, people witness the improvements in their overall health over time. Our honey is extracted cautiously to keep it untainted, and of overall quality, so you can partake in its actual advantages in the perfect form. So, order your jar of the finest quality Sidr honey with us at the most affordable rates and get on the journey of good health.

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