Inclusive COP28: Joint Statement by UAE and UN Climate Change


Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, President-Designate of the UAE, and Simon Stiell, UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, deliver a joint statement on the inclusive nature of COP28.

United Arab Emirates and UN Climate Change Issues Statement on an Inclusive COP28

Following the signature of the COP28 Host Country Agreement, the President-Designate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, and UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell, delivered the following statement: "As work to prepare for a successful COP28 gathers momentum, we want to express our commitment to making COP28 an inclusive and safe space for all participants."


"We want to emphasise the critical importance of an inclusive, transparent, and respectful environment for all participants to engage in the COP process, given the global nature of the climate emergency and its varying impacts across communities and societies."


"There will be space available for climate activists to assemble peacefully and make their voices heard, in accordance with UNFCCC guidelines and adherence to international human rights norms and principles." We are committed to protecting all participants' rights and ensuring that all perspectives are heard and their contributions to the climate problem are recognised.


"We will collaborate to make COP28 the most inclusive United Nations Climate Change Conference to date." To that end, we have written to all Parties urging increased participation and meaningful engagement of youth, women, local communities, and Indigenous Peoples as members of Party and observer delegations to COP, as well as in climate decision-making, policy, and action leading up to and during COP 28 by providing appropriate quality and modalities of participation."


"The COP28 plan of action is centred on: hastening a just, equitable, and orderly energy transition; fixing climate finance; focusing on people, lives, and livelihoods; and underpinning everything with full inclusivity," Dr. Sultan continued. Inclusion, according to the COP28 Presidency, is a vital enabler of achieving transformative progress throughout the climate agenda. Only by putting aside our differences and working together can we elevate our shared objective and make progress towards 1.5 degrees Celsius."


"As custodians of the process, the secretariat is dedicated to assisting the Parties in implementing their climate commitments, including those under the Paris Agreement," said Simon Stiell. We are firmly committed to ensuring that UN values are preserved at COPs in order to propel climate action and ambition ahead. We are also making every effort to ensure that the voices of youth, women, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, and those most impacted by climate change are heard and reflected within the process."


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innessa kazakov
10 months ago

The COP28'S GOAL has been stressed such as for a greener future, sustainable and healthy environment.

10 months ago

As COP28 is fast approaching, immense preparation is needed here to achieve this upcoming event's goal.

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