Knowing All About Honeycomb & Correct Way To Eat It!


Knowing All About Honeycomb & Correct Way To Eat It!

People have been doing beekeeping and consuming natural honey for thousands of years. Honey bees have been contributing a lot to maintaining the ecological balance in nature and provide us with various bee products that are entirely natural food sources. Among all these nutritious bee products, honeycomb is a yummy treat with heaps of health benefits. It usually contains raw honey, which is 100% unfiltered and unprocessed and contains valuable compounds that boost wellness. 

Eating honeycomb is like enjoying the fruits of bees’ labor. From lowering the risk of infection to enhancing the heart and liver health, honeycomb is extremely useful in keeping up good health. Made by the tiny pollinators, honeycomb is a natural product that stores honey and pollen or sometimes used to house their larvae, too. It comprises dozens of hexagonal waxy cells that hold onto honey. Worker bees secrete beeswax to create the honeycomb. 

Most of us usually think, if honeycomb is edible or not? The answer to this question is “Yes”. It is a great natural delicacy and is safe to consume both honey and waxy containers of the comb. It provides a chewy texture and its taste greatly varies depending on the flowers from which the nectar is gathered by the bees and the environment too. 

What Are the Benefits of Honeycomb?

(1) Rich in carbohydrates and antioxidants

(2) Helps in promoting heart health

(3) Provides protection against infections

(4) Assists well in reducing coughing in children

(5) Great sugar alternative for people with diabetes

(6) Helps in improving liver function

Is There Any Expiry Date for Honey?

Both honey and honeycomb do not have any expiry date. It is usually suggested to store them at room temperature in a properly sealed container to keep them completely safe to eat. Sometimes, the honeycomb inside the jar leads to crystallization of honey, but there are several easy tips that are beneficial in preventing honey from crystallization. Honeycomb can also freeze easily if you don't have to use it for a longer time. 

Wonderful Raw Honeycomb Pairings

To get the genuine taste of honeycomb, it is good to keep things simple. Though honeycomb has its own natural taste, trying these wonderful combinations can help in enhancing its flavors. 

Cheese and Honeycomb: 

Honeycomb works as a great pairing with numerous cheese varieties. It holds the power to level up the taste and visual appearance of any cheese or appetizer. You can also try adding your favorite nuts, berries, fruits, breads, etc. in this combination to make it more impressive and flavorful. 

Chocolate and Honeycomb:

This is surely a mouthwatering combination and is a good treat, especially for winters. Get a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy it more with a slice of raw honeycomb dipped in it. This combo is just perfect to enjoy with your friends and family cozying up to fire in winter. 

Honeycomb on Toast:

This is a wonderful way to enjoy the delicious taste of honeycomb without any stickiness. Put it on your toast or make a honeycomb sandwich to get the real benefits of this superfood. You can even put roasted cheese, basil, avocado, tomatoes with a slice of honeycomb on the sandwich to make it extra delicious and nutritious too. 

Honeycomb contains natural and organic raw honey that offers wonderful health benefits when consumed. In moderate quantities. Shop now for the best quality honeycomb at Geohoney sourced directly from the farms and avail great discounts.

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