Making Honey Without Bees: A Great Approach For The Vegan People


Making Honey Without Bees: A Great Approach For The Vegan People

MeliBio, Inc., the startup making real honey without honey bees was in the news recently.  The startup has reported the end of $850,000 in the pre-seed round subsidizing.

Established in 2020 by Aaron Schaller, PhD and Darko Mandich, the company is building up developing a proprietary technology based on synthetic biology, accurate fermentation, and plant science that replaces honey bees as a vehicle for honey creation. 

The worldwide honey market in 2020 was esteemed at $9 billion. Today, the business exclusively depends on honey bees and faces numerous issues identified with supportability and its adverse consequence on honey bee biodiversity. By creating genuine honey with the assistance of science, MeliBio is reforming the business to help save 20,000 wild and local honey bee species that are fundamental for Earth's verdure.

In the wake of emerging as a leading startup brand, MeliBio pulled in nine investors and raised assets from: Big Idea Ventures, Joyance Partners,, Sparklabs Cultiv8, Sustainable Food Ventures, Capital V, private supporter Courtney Reum and two mission-driven family workplaces. 

Darko Mandich, CEO and Co-Founder of MeliBio said: "We are excited to receive support from the investors who have confidence in our idea of making the world a better place. That world is where the most delectable and nutritious food is open to everybody, but not at the cost of the sustainability of our planet. I thank the entirety of individuals who work industriously to bring MeliBio's honey made without honey bees into numerous homes and communities.

MeliBio plans to supply this plant based honey only to the service companies. The primary item will be launched towards the finish of this current year to satisfy orders the organization got during its interest in Big Idea Ventures' startup program. MeliBio is in contact with potential accomplices from a few other nations and the organization expects further business item rollout in the first quarter of 2022. 

“Big Idea Ventures is centered around putting resources into organizations with groundbreaking innovations which have the power to positively impact a global industry or category,” said Andrew D. Ive, founder and general managing partner of Big Idea Ventures. 

“MeliBio has the genuine potential to change the honey category  as well as the entire sweetener and skincare businesses with another and feasible approach to make genuine honey without the honey bees. MeliBio has made the first genuinely vegetarian nectar."

Holly Jacobus, Investment Partner at Joyance Partners, stated: “We're totally enchanted to help the MeliBio group in improving our food environment. Their novel technology could have an outsized impact on not only honey production in the US, but the entire ecological community.”

Geohoney looks forward to this new technology of making plant based honey without using the little pollinators & wants to extend their help in saving the little honey bees from extinction.

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khurram shahzad
3 years ago

I am Vegan and like this article.

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3 years ago

Feeling happy to read this news.

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