Natural Honey: A Super Tonic To Improve Eye Health


Natural Honey: A Super Tonic To Improve Eye Health

Honey is one of the common sweeteners utilized in every household. We love to spread some honey on our bread or mix it in our green tea. It also discovers its uses as an element for traditional home remedies, hair masks, face masks and a variety of other skincare items commonly intended to upgrade and do miracles to the body. However, did you ever realize honey can be a magnificent ingredient for your eyes too? 

Indeed! Honey is an ideal replacement for sugar that adds pleasantness to your food and helps deal with many eye conditions like aggravation, improving vision, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, trachoma, etc. With its mending, antimicrobial, and relieving properties, it accompanies a large group of advantages that can be useful for your skin and eyes. Raw honey is plentiful in protein, nutrient C, niacin and riboflavin, which are primarily valuable for strengthening eye muscular tissues. Zinc, magnesium and iron present in honey additionally fortify the optic nerves and further develop the vision.

What Are the Benefits of Honey for Eyes?

It Cures Dry Eyes:

When the eye can't produce the necessary amount of tears to keep itself hydrated, it can cause tingling, pain, and even redness of the eyes. Here, you can make an eyewash using honey with equal amounts of water to wash your eyes. To gain better results, it is good to follow this cure before going to bed for a few days. 

It Prevents Glaucoma: 

Glaucoma is an eye condition where, because of the development of fluid, there is an increase in the tension in the eye, which can strain the optic nerves causing permanent vision loss. However, it is considered that using honey as an eye drop can assist with forestalling this condition. 

It Keeps Your Vision Intact:

Honey is outstanding when it comes to protecting your sight. Why? Since it is rich in antioxidants and contains the fundamental minerals and required nutrients. Thus, using it regularly as an eye drop will keep your vision strong.

It Helps Treat Sore Eyes:

Sore or puffy eyes are because of lack of sleep or sitting before a PC for a longer time. It tends to be cured rapidly by ingesting some honey. It’s that simple and effective!

It Recuperates Eye Infection:

Honey can fix an eye disease rapidly and go about as a magnificent cure because of its wound healing properties. How to use it? Mix equal amounts of honey with boiling water and apply it to the eye utilizing a cotton pad after the mixture cools down.

It Works as an Optic Nerve Tonic: 

Honey is known to support the production of nitric oxide. This component is essential for blood circulation to the optic nerve. Accordingly, using nectar for eyes can assist with keeping up with your vision. 

It Improves Protein Oxidation in the Eye Lens: 

Using honey either in food items or as an eyewash can enhance eye lens oxidation, which means your vision stays stronger even with growing age. 

It is Effective for Dark Circles: 

Honey is an effective solution for dark circles too. It is a natural way to reduce dark circles, and you notice impacts right away. For dark circles, most beauty specialists suggest applying honey under your eye and allowing it to rest for about half an hour before washing it off.

How to Prepare the Honey Eye Drop?

(1) Take one teaspoon of liquid honey and one teaspoon of pure water. It is always suggested to mix both in equal quantities, i.e. in a 1:1 ratio.

(2) Mix both the ingredients well, and transfer them into the eye dropper bottle.

(3) Add two drops of this mixture to each eye and blink properly to spread it evenly.

(4) Using it 2-3 times a week is a great way to improve eyesight.

Our eyes are essential. Thus, we should watch out for every one of the potential dangers identified with any ingredient we put in our eyes, and the same goes for honey. Take necessary precautions and use only the best quality honey products available at Geohoney. Explore our collection today and get the products delivered to your doorstep quickly. 

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