Organic Honey Is A Natural Treatment For Oral Cancer Wounds: A New Research Found!


A New Research Found - Organic Honey Is A Natural Treatment For Oral Cancer Wounds

Honey has been considered one of the world's healthiest foods since ancient times. This is all because of its rich antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. Organic honey offers a range of benefits from reducing cough and throat irritation to treating ulcers and gastrointestinal problems.

We all knew that honey is used as an antiseptic treatment on skin wounds and an excellent natural ingredient for the skin. It slows down the aging process, prevents acne, and provides a glowing complexion. However, above all of this, in recent significant research, it was found that honey can help treat oral cancer wounds.

An interdisciplinary research group comprising chemical engineers, bio-technologists, and doctors has developed a therapeutic patch that is made of silk and embedded with honey. It was later found that this patch was not only able to heal cancer wounds faster but was also helpful in minimizing the recurrence chances of oral cancer after surgical intervention.

Honey is notable for its extraordinary injury mending potential and anti-cancer and antibacterial properties. The technology associated with this cycle is adjusting the cellular environment by utilizing biometrically concocted honey-silk fibroin scaffolds.

Wound infection is one of the common complications of oral cancer surgery and may result in poor cosmetic results, significant functional morbidity, and prolonged hospitalization. Moreover, as numerous patients need to go for medical procedures in the case of oral cancer, the impacted part of the body is taken out, which causes an injury and might have a few dangerous or pre-harmful cells left in it. Hence the odds are high that one will contract cancer again. This new research thus proved to be a beneficial approach to help patients control these wounds.

The Outcomes of Research –

The tool has been found to assist in developing healthy cells while thwarting the development of cancer-associated cells, which neglect to grab the patterned micropillar structure in the scaffold. Then again, the healthy cells get the patterns well and become quicker.

The membrane sheet is made of silk since it is adaptable and bio-viable with the human body. Furthermore, since the device uses effectively accessible materials like honey and silk, the expense of the technology will also be cheap for patients once they can popularize it by making it accessible in the market with a pharma company.

Around 40% of all disease-related cases can be ascribed to oral cancer. However, treatments are available at the starting phases. Still, recurrence is a widespread concern in people who have had cancer, thus, in this way prompting life danger and returning to complex disease treatment.

According to Mr. Basem Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney, there is now sizable evidence that honey is a natural promoter for healing chronic ulcers and wounds and scavengers for toxic free radicals. Improvement in immune power is a key to speeding up the wound healing process and preventing cancer formation, and honey has the same potential. Recently natural honey has been revealed to have a direct anti-cancer effect on various cancer cell lines. With an increasing number of people searching for therapy from nature, this area of research has recently gained wide attention and will indeed offer positive results to people.

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Sharon Zuhairi
2 years ago

I have read somewhere that honey is the medicine for all kind of disease, so it can be beneficial for cancer too.

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