Raw Honey and Skin: How and Why ?


Raw Honey for Skin care

Raw honey is among the most widely used natural beauty enhancer. Be it moisturization, clearer skin, aging, fine lines, wrinkles, or any other issue, raw honey is the solution to all your skin problems. If you have been lately investing a lot on cosmetics to make your skin glow, you are probably missing out on honey investment. Depending on the skin type and specific needs you can choose the type of honey you wish to choose. There is a wide range of honey varieties available for skin including SIDR natural honey for infections, Kashmir honey for dryness and patchy skin, Brasil honey for exfoliation, Citrus honey for blackheads, and several others. 

Here, we shall discuss how to use honey for natural skin treatment and where to get the purest honey?

How to Use It?

Well, you can choose to simply apply it directly by taking a few drops of raw honey and spreading it all over your face in small circular motions and leaving it for a few minutes. Rinse it off and you are done! This is the case when you don’t have much time. However, when you can invest some time, here are the steps to follow:

Mix a scoop or a scoop and a half of raw honey with a tinge of turmeric (avoid this step, in case of SIDR honey, it already has antifungal and anti-bacterial properties).

  1. Clean your face and remove any sort of makeup whatsoever using a makeup cleanser, prefer a natural oil for best results. Dip a cotton ball or pour few drops of oil to the cotton pad and gently clean your face. 
  2. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and don’t dry it.
  3. Apply the raw honeypaste to your face in an exactly similar manner that you would apply soap or any cleanser. Massage gently. 
  4. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes, you can choose to apply for a longer duration if you have time. Don’t worry any extended application won’t make your skin feel dry or rough.
  5. Wash off the honey with lukewarm water, in a normal way that you would wash any face pack.
  6. Apply the toner as and when needed. Remember, you have already balanced the skin pH with natural honey.

You can choose to mix the honey with other ingredients like sugar and coffee to make it a scrub and with yogurt to make a face mask. The application process will be the same. 

Where to get the purest Honey?

Well, you can buy raw honey online of all the kinds stated above and many more. World’s best honey is now easily available at a single platform Geohoney.com, which also happens to be the most unique and organic provider of honey amongst global honey brands providing you the rarest of honey, like monofloral honey, acacia honey, etc. available in the market. 

Apart from skin, the natural honey of all forms also helps you to boost your immune system, help you with aging, honey for sex enhancement, and many more. You can opt for getting other honey products online as well with Geohoney. 

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