Sidr Honey - Know Its Benefits And Types


Benefits And Types of Sidr Honey

We all know that honey offers enormous benefits, but some specific kinds of benefits are attributed to the Yemeni Sidr Honey. It is one of the best honey in the world and falls under rare types of raw honey. It is highly reliable for its fruitfulness as it has the unique characteristics of the divine Sidr trees (Ziziphus Spina Christi, L. Willd.). The nectar produced inside the flowers of the Sidr tree is potent and full of nutritional values that contribute to the medicinal qualities of the Yemeni Sidr honey.

The flavor of Yemeni Sidr honey, just as its shade & thickness, can change according to the region from which it comes. It is thick honey with a rich, extravagant, and sweet taste. It has a brilliant golden tone, which turns darker with time. At the point when new and recently produced, this honey has been depicted as having a similar fragrance to that of the Sidr tree blossoms in October. Let's further list out the benefits of the Yemeni Sidr Honey:-

1. Organic

The SIDR trees are planted and grown in the barren areas of Yemen in wild and coarse conditions. It is, however, difficult to find the purest Yemeni honey that is 100% Organic and obtained directly from Yemen with a verified brand. Well, it's not so difficult anymore. Geohoney brings you the most organic Yemeni Sidr honey directly producing nectar from Yemen SIDR plants.

2. Raw & Pure

It has been a proven fact that Yemeni beekeepers are usually inclined to the traditional honey harnessing processes and beekeeping methods. Hence, they eliminate the entire usage of chemicals in their products from beginning to end and throughout the process. On the other hand, the reproduction of Yemeni Sidr honey, when tried, allowed chemical methods for the prevention of bees that affected and altered the quality of the Yemeni honey. While producing Yemini honey, there is no scope for machine work, and the whole process is manually carried out. The unheated natural honey is put into containers that preserve the beneficial protein elements.

3. Vastly Potent

The beekeepers of the Yemeni honey products in Yemen and those associated with Geohoney have separate strict guidelines to safeguard the honey jars to retain the natural potency and cleanliness and nutritional value of the honey. Moreover, you can govern the strength of the Yemeni honey by acknowledging the fact that it is only some bees that can manage the potency of the remarkable Sidr tree.

4. Natural Aphrodisiac

The SIDR honey, in general of any kind, possesses aphrodisiac characteristics, which enhances especially when it is with carrot seeds. When a selection of nuts and herbs mix with Yemeni SIDR honey, it acts as a natural alternative to Viagra with absolutely no side effects and is sometimes referred to as sex booster honey.

5. Natural Medicine

SIDR Honey has an ample amount of benefits of its own. Major ones are a cure for infections, diseases, stomach pains, cancer, liver problems, digestive problems, constipation, wounds, skincare, and eye diseases, and it also strengthens the immune system! So overall it gives better health and liveliness.

But did you know about different varieties of Sidr honey? If not, read on below what are & why they are special –

(i) Sidr Doany Honey –

This Sidr tree is often called the Jujube tree or Christ's thorn, which is mainly found in the Middle East region. Extracted from the valleys of Wadi Do'an in Yemen, this honey variety has rich therapeutic properties which make it extra special. As a result, thousands of beekeepers go to this remote desert region to collect authentic Sidr Doany honey twice a year.

(ii) Sidr Osaimi Honey –

Cooler than the Wadi Do'an region, Usaimat is situated in northern Yemen, where the versatile Sidr tree also develops in large numbers. Because of the different climatic conditions and soil, Sidr Osaimi honey offers a slightly different flavor from the above one but carries the same medicinal properties.

(iii) Sidr Kashmir Honey –

India is among the few countries where the Sidr tree grows. Sidr Kashmir honey comes from the beautiful valley of Kashmir. It is one of the most acceptable honey types that you will ever taste. Its distinct color, aroma, taste, and texture will offer an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, it is a rare honey variety and is harvested only about twice a year.

What Are The Benefits Of Sidr Honey For Sexuality?

Honey has been considered an aphrodisiac ingredient for ages and is associated with romance. The beneficial compounds and elements present in honey help in improving fertility and enhance the sexual ability of men and women. In addition, being rich in minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, etc., and antioxidants, honey contributes a lot to improving general health. Doctors also recommend that taking a spoonful of Sidr honey daily on an empty stomach or at bedtime helps enhance sexual health.

(a) A study published in the book - Honey: Current Research and Clinical Applications, proved that honey reinforces the sexual capacity of men since it is a characteristic sexual tonic that has no incidental effects on wellbeing.

(b) It enhances fertility in men and advances ovulation in women.

(c) It helps in improving the quality and speed of sperm in men.

(d) One of the advantages of Sidr honey is that it fortifies the sexual longing in men.

(e) It helps stimulate the circulation of blood in the body, particularly the privates, and reinforces the erection interaction for men.

(f) Treats fatigue because of close connection, builds energy, and helps increment the ideal opportunity for personal connections.

(g) It calms stress and helps in improving mood.

(h) It helps in treating untimely discharge in men and accomplishes a special relationship.

(i) Honey is an eminent source of Vitamin B and Boron. These supplements are answerable for a solid skeletal body and better muscle coordination.

Is Yemeni Sidr Honey A Natural Remedy For Bone Cancer?

Bone cancer is a type of cancer caused when a cell in the bone starts to grow uncontrollably. Cancers that start in the bones are termed primary bone cancers and are not very common. However, more often than not, when an adult with cancer is informed they have disease in the bones, the specialist discusses cancer growth that began anywhere else in the body and has spread to the bones. This is called bone metastasis. It can be caused due to different types of advanced cancer like prostate, breast, and lung cancer.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms?

Bone cancer is followed by various signs & symptoms like –

1. Fractures

2. Stiffness

3. Fever, fatigue, anemia

4. Walking with a limp

5. Swelling & tenderness of the joints

6. Aching pain in the bone or joints

7. Decreased appetite & nausea

Cancer is connected to lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, etc., yet the genuine reason for cancer growth is unclear. Most importantly, a significant number of factors that impact cancer growth, like pollution, pesticides in food, and so on, are outside our control.

Prevention is always better than the cure; thus, it is always good to prevent this disease by making the right choices. Mother Nature is the ultimate healer of every single problem of ours. You will find a solution/treatment beyond your wildest imagination if you pay attention to natural remedies. One exceptional natural ingredient is Yemeni Sidr honey, loaded with rich anti-cancer properties.

Cancerous cells increase uncontrollably at a much higher rate than normal cells. The research was done on the impact of Yemeni Sidr honey on the multiplication rate of cancer cells, and the outcomes are promising. The rate at which the harmful cells increased was fundamentally diminished when infused with this monofloral honey variety. This beneficial impact of honey is a result of the presence of phenolic compounds in it.

How To Use Sidr Honey?

Even when consumed in small quantities, Sidr honey shows significant antibacterial effects inside the body, keeping the body system free from harmful microbes. In addition, Sidr honey surprisingly improves the condition of stomach & bone cancer depending on the usage.

When consumed with grounded cinnamon thrice a day, honey can be the ultimate healer for people who have bone cancer. The beneficial results are best observed by consuming Sidr honey regularly for about a month. It can also be consumed directly by adding a few drops to hot water or mixing it with curries to enhance the flavor.

Apart from the all above benefits, Yemeni Sidr honey is additionally incredible for fighting off the physical, aesthetic, and mental impacts of aging. As a result, old people can include limited quantities of this honey in their eating regimens to ease joint pain, reinforce their brain health, secure their hearts, and maintain body mobility.

Sidr honey has a reinforcing impact on most body parts and is termed a natural cure for all types of health problems. Buy the best Sidr honey and include it in the daily meal plan to experience the real difference in the body like never before!

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Mary W. Leslie
1 year ago

Sidr honey had been quite effective in post-cancer recovery. My granny use to eat Sidr honey after her chemotherapic treatment. It helped her in body rejuvenation after treatment.

Gloria M. Horan
1 year ago

Excited to know that Sidr honey comes in so many varieties, with each one having distinct benefits. I am looking forward to try each one of them.

Dzhamaldin Ryzaev
1 year ago

Sidr honey is the best alternative to synthetic health supplements. I have been eating sidr honey to boost my immunity.

Andrea D. Roberts
1 year ago

In my opinion Sidr Honey is the best natural medicine I had used ever. It contains natural minerals that are helpful in treatment of various infectious diseases. I been able to cure stomach diseases, constipation and cure stomach ulcer effectively just buy eating sidr honey daily. I always keep a jar of Sidr honey in my kitchen.

Jeana Jadraque
2 years ago

I love the taste of yemeni honey as it different and quite amazing.

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bought yemeni honey from geohoney and its quality is very good..

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Interesting topic.

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I have used yemeni sidr honey for my diet routine.

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Too good honey - yemini sidr honey! its expensive but its taste is amazing.

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Taste and goodness both are available in yemini sidr honey.

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I really like the taste of Yemeni SIDR honey.

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