Sidr Honey - What Are Its Different Types?


Different Types of Sidr Honey

Sidr honey needs no introduction! It is one of the most popular natural honey types tastefully chosen and medicinally used by people worldwide. Made by the tiny honey bees fed on the nectar of Sidr tree flowers, raw and unfiltered Sidr honey brings a wealth of benefits.

The rich, sumptuous, buttery, and herbal taste of Sidr honey for sure is one of its remarkable properties to specify. Yet, its sharp and sour persistent flavor makes the honey more popular. Unadulterated Sidr honey's color and appearance qualities include a light orange tone and a running consistency. However, when it is crystallized, it looks creamy & buttery yellow.

Years ago, people knew about the significant medical advantages of this monofloral honey. Its demand has been swiftly increasing for being known as a natural medicine in recent years. The value properties of Sidr trees are stated in the Holy Quran also. It is known to be the best & most expensive honey variety in the world because of its myriad health benefits. But did you know about different varieties of Sidr honey? If not, read on below what are they & why they are special –

(1) Sidr Doany Honey –

This Sidr tree is often called the Jujube tree or Christ's thorn, which is mainly found in the Middle East region. Extracted from the valleys of Wadi Do'an in Yemen, this honey variety has rich therapeutic properties which make it extra special. Thousands of beekeepers go to this remote desert region to collect authentic Sidr Doany honey twice a year.

(2) Sidr Osaimi Honey –

Cooler than the Wadi Do'an region, Usaimat is situated in northern Yemen, where the versatile Sidr tree also develops in large numbers. Because of the different climatic conditions and soil, Sidr Osaimi honey offers a slightly different flavor from the above one but carries the same medicinal properties.

(3) Sidr Kashmir Honey –

India is among the few countries where the Sidr tree grows. Sidr Kashmir honey comes from the beautiful valley of Kashmir. It is one of the most acceptable honey types that you will ever taste. Its distinct color, aroma, taste, and texture will offer an unforgettable experience. Unfortunately, it is a rare honey variety and is harvested only about twice a year.

Health Benefits of Sidr Honey –

Sidr honey is accounted for to be especially great in supporting liver issues, stomach ulcers, respiratory infections, digestive problems, wound healing, and burns. It helps boost the immune system and advances general well-being and vitality. Sidr honey is found to have as much as 75-150 mg ascorbic acid per 100g, while other honey has less than 5 mg per 100g. In addition, research has observed that honey like the Sidr honey has higher antioxidant properties, which assist with combating the signs of aging.

When made with excellent efficiency by the expert beekeepers and delivering unadulterated, untreated, and 100% pure honey just like we do at Geohoney, Sidr Honey is unbeatable. From the fantastic taste to the best medicinal properties, Sidr honey is undoubtedly the perfect one to include in your daily diet. So buy your jar of Sidr honey with us and make a healthy change in your life.

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Raine Fabian
2 months ago

All honey are beneficial but I think Kashmir honey provides ultimate health benefits.

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