Things you need to know before buying honey


Things you need to know before buying honey

Honey has held a very important place in human health since ancient times. Lately people have opted again for honey and replacing refined sugar from their homes. Pure honey is the ultimate source of nutrients and natural sweetener.

Since the customers are not aware of authentic honey, they are buying what is available in the market. Raw honey without adulteration is something very difficult to get from the market. As consumers are not aware that what they are getting is not authentic honey. Since lack of awareness is the major reason for what we are getting is not pure. Even the big brands locally or internationally are not serving pure honey. So it’s time to educate yourself to know what is real and fake honey.

Having adulterated or filtered honey is equally worse than having refined sugar. Not all honey is created equal, major honey available in the market is not similar to raw honey. They may claim that it's 100% pure and lab tested. However since many tests don’t provide the real ingredients. Many tests just tell the level of fructose and sucrose.

Most of the consumers depend on the brand's advertisement, their marketing tactics and they forgot the basics. How could the honey they are consuming be so cheap? Do you know how many grams of honey can be produced by a single honey bee (worker) in their entire lifespan? Not even a single spoon.

To collect one pound honey, honey bees need to fly 50000 miles and approx 2 million flowers. Imagine how one can get a pound of PURE HONEY in barely as minimum as $10?

There are many surveys available online from various countries , that even up-to 80% of honey sold in the market are fake. Many big brands of honey were importing synthetic sugar syrups from China for adulteration. In 2020 there was an investigation in India and found that out of 13 brands, 10 brands failed purity tests. But still consumers are buying the same, as consumers compromising with their health for the sake of saving some money.

Many companies add High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in honey, which is not good for human health. As HFCS is cheap and easy to handle, it's even used by Bee Keeper for their bees as nectar in the low time of nectar supplies. HFCS has been linked with many diseases like diabetes, obesity etc.


The filtered honey or adulterated honey is not good for health. They do not contain valuable nutrients which raw honey contains. The unadulterated honey contains pollen as well, which is a good source of nutrients and has many benefits.

Before buying honey make sure their honey has all the purity test certificates, compare the price of it. Check the grade it belongs to. Check whether it's monofloral or multi floral honey. Monofloral honey possesses more benefits and is more expensive than multifloral honey. Monofloral honey like – Acacia honey, buckwheat honey, jarrah honey, linden honey, lavender honey, avocado honey etc.

Imported Honey:
Many honey brands either purchase from local bee keepers or import from top honey producers country. This imported honey sometimes contains chemicals like chloramphenicol, which is harmful for human health and has many side-effects. If buying from international companies make sure they fulfil all the purity criteria and are mainly selling honey, not other products. 

Organic Honey:
Getting organic honey is extremely difficult as the bees fly in miles to gather the nectar. Though many companies claim to be organic. You need to check with their production and source of collecting honey. As worker bees fly miles away and if they get nectar from pesticides plants, it won't count as organic honey. Still if any bee hive comes under the 20sq. Mile. Then there are chances of having organic honey.

Honey Online:
With advanced technology, now we prefer everything online, be its clothing or food. So consumers are also buying honey online from various e-commerce platforms. The prices range from cheap to very expensive. The above mentioned thing applies to online purchasing of honey as well. With many giant e-commerce available, consumers mainly go for the cheaper one, with lots of deals and offers. They assume that they are having a good lifestyle, as they think they are consuming pure.
We at Geohoney, considering all these factors, started a green initiative and become the only global pollination company in the world who uses AI and patented monofloral technology to produce high quality, pure and raw honey for the real honey consumers.
We have over 70 bee farms around the world with monofloral technology from which we are producing over 200 types of honey varieties. With all the lab test certificates, delivering the authentic honey worldwide. Our beehive is 10 times more costly than normal beehives, which helps in getting the monofloral honey.
We serve our honey in a glass jar, which keeps the shelf life longer. Also we are a Greentech company which initiates pollination and planting trees and plants for high quality honey and helping the environment by reducing carbon emission. Geohoney is the symbol of Purity and Unfiltered Honey Brand in the world. 

We are the only  company with an exclusive app for honey. Apart from selling honey we are spreading awareness and saving the bees and environment.

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Mary L. Tyler
1 year ago

The best way to overcome the problem of fake honey is awareness. Just stay alert while purchasing honey. Look for the valid certification and try to busy honey form well-known brands.

Mohmad Korgay
1 year ago

Most of the honey available in local grocery shops is of substandard quality. These days finding good quality honey had become very difficult.

Valeria Sinclair
1 year ago

Market is full of substandard and adulterated honey. Awareness is the key to make smart decision in choosing the pure and natural honey.

1 year ago

Consuming two tablespoons of honey a day can offer health benefits such as antioxidants, better wound healing, and anti-inflammatory properties.

1 year ago

However, even with its fructose content, honey may be a healthier option than table sugar.

1 year ago

The raw version of honey can also contain bee pollen and bee propolis, which may have added benefits. So all in all, this raw and organic has more benefits than the others.

1 year ago

Thank you geohoney, it's my first time to try organic honey!!! LOVE IT

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