Universal Health Coverage Day – Upgrade your health with Geohoney


Universal Health Coverage Day – Upgrade your health with Geohoney

Every year on the 12th of December, Universal Health Coverage Day aims towards the motive of “Health for All”, for those leaders are called to make smarter investments & expedite their efforts. Around the world, it is needed that all people get access to good-conditioned healthcare facilities without any financial distress.

On this day, endeavors are made to lift people from poverty, promote families' & communities' well-being, and protect them from health crises. This year’s theme for health coverage day is “Build the world we want: A healthy future for all”. It focuses on the motive that for building stronger health systems, we require trust, equity, investments, accountability, and healthy environments.

Health Coverage Day of 2022, marks the 75th anniversary of WHO and establishes a countdown for the UHC’s high-level meeting occurring at the UN General Assembly in 2023. In the last two decades, the service coverage index of UHC in the Western Pacific region escalated from 49 in the year 2000 & to 80 in 2019.

Mr. Barry, founder & CEO of Geohoney believes in and supports the idea of delivering proper health services around the world. According to him, healthy people and the planet can change the whole dynamics of living and push us forward toward a better future.

There are certain objectives, which UHC emphasizes every year. Some of those include celebrating & acknowledging progress achieved towards universal health coverage motive, raising awareness regarding increasing investments to build a resilient & sustainable health system. Also, to re-establish & monitor how the health services are working.

All these objectives are directly aimed toward the delivery of affordable, high-quality, & people-centered health services. After the Covid 19 outbreak, everyone is aware of the need for resilient & strong health systems.

According to Mr. Barry, apart from delivering health services, every person’s health can be upgraded by utilizing healthy substitutes and food in your diet, protecting the planet, and increasing vegetation. Geohoney, that is a green-tech initiative, pollination, and organic honey-supplying company founded by Mr. Barry, also focuses on improving health & practically implements it by increasing plantation through pollination, using clean energy sources, and supplying nutritionally rich honey to all its users.

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