What Is Pure Honey And Tips To Buy The Real Product!


What Is Pure Honey And Tips To Buy The Real Product

Pure honey is the natural sweetener the bees produce and has always been a favorite of many people. It contains a rich amount of nutrients, minerals, and other beneficial compounds and thus, has been used as a natural folk remedy since ancient times. It is a wonderful alternative to regular table sugar, which is just a source of unwanted calories. The therapeutic & medicinal properties of honey make it an essential research subject.

A "pure honey" mark implies that you are getting 100 percent honey, with practically no other added ingredients (for example, corn syrup, which is sometimes added to commercial honey to diminish costs). However, "pure" honey alone doesn't necessarily tell you much regarding the varietal or how the honey is produced, so it's great to search for more data to ensure you're getting every one of the advantages you can from honey when it's delivered in the most honey bee and environment-friendly way.

Honey is classified into many types based on the source of flower nectar, flowering season, environmental conditions, and processing techniques. All honey, thus, comes with a distinct taste, aroma, and color. A heightened awareness of the qualms of a sugary diet has led many people to opt for such natural sweeteners. But do you know how this super syrupy food benefits our health? Daily consumption of honey helps boost physical health and is very advantageous for mental health.

Benefits Of Pure Honey: -

(i) Rich Source of Antioxidants –

High-quality & 100% pure honey contains an array of plant chemicals that acts as antioxidants. Being a rich source of antioxidants, it helps in protecting the body from cell damage. As a result, consuming honey regularly reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

(ii) Proven Remedy for Bacterial & Fungal Infections –

Honey naturally contains hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic, and a folk remedy for bacterial & fungal infections. Its unique ability to nourish surrounding tissue can help treat diabetic foot ulcers, wounds, cuts and burns, psoriasis, and herpes lesions.

(iii) Treats Digestive Tissues –

Honey is a potent prebiotic that nourishes the good bacteria present in our intestines. These bacteria assist in strengthening the digestive system and overall health as well. Consuming a teaspoon of raw honey every day or mixing it with warm water or milk is an excellent way to treat mild diarrhea.

(iv) Protects The Brain –

The antioxidant & anti-inflammatory powers of pure honey also benefit the brain. A study has also confirmed that pure honey has ingredients that help fight off the hippocampus's inflammation, which is a part of the brain involved in memory.

(v) Lowers Triglycerides Levels –

According to a study published in the journal Nutrition Research, another key risk factor for heart diseases and type 2 diabetes is high blood triglycerides. Consuming pure honey can be highly beneficial in lowering triglycerides, mostly when consumed as a sugar substitute in food items.

(vi) Enhances Skin & Hair Health –

Honey is full of healing components and is used in many cosmetic skin and hair preparations. Honey lubricates the skin and holds the moisture effectively, thus becoming an ideal ingredient for a range of beauty & hair care products.

(vii) Cures Cough, Cold & Sore Throat -

Honey proves to be more effective than some over-the-counter cough medicines. Being rich in natural antibacterial properties, it immediately offers relief for pain while working to reduce inflammation. In addition, it kills bacteria and helps fight off viral infections. If you're affected by a nasty cough additionally, honey can also act as an efficient cough suppressant.

Though pure honey is loaded with numerous benefits, like other food commodities, adulteration of honey has become common. Impure & adulterated honey is widely available in the market today. Because of the numerous varieties of honey & sugar syrups, it has become pretty difficult to differentiate between pure & impure honey. Here comes the question of whether the honey we are consuming is pure or not? To make it a little easier, we have come up with some of the best tips that will assist you in buying authentic & pure honey -

(1) Understand Local Honey Purity Laws – 

Many regional governments issue honey standards that mention all the ingredients contained in the honey jar. This certainly offers an idea about what is included in the honey you will buy.

(2) Checking The Labels Is Must – 

Checking the labels is extremely necessary for the honey buying process. Look at the additives or added flavors written on the label. If the honey you buy is pure, it will have only one ingredient written on the label.

(3) Taste The Sample If Possible – 

Tasting is not an exact method to check for added substances; however, it will help you get an idea about the taste &; will give you a small idea about the rich taste that pure honey gives. Numerous honey varieties are produced using the nectar of various blossoms, saps, or even the discharges of sap-eating insects. Each of these produces various flavors, and even the honey of one beehive can change from year to year as they gather nectar from various sources.

(4) Mix A Spoonful Of Honey In Warm Water –

Stir a spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water to see whether it is mixing gradually or not. Impure honey dissolves in the water while the pure honey settles down at the bottom, forming lumps.

Are There Any Risks Of Consuming Pure Honey?

Although beneficial prebiotics and nutrients are beneficial, pure honey can also contain harmful bacteria that are particularly dangerous for babies. Thus, it is suggested to never give honey to babies under one year of age as it can cause botulism in infants. The symptoms of this rare but serious condition in infants include –

1. Poor feeding

2. Loss of head control

3. Slow breathing

4. Constipation

5. Sagging eyelids

6. Weak cry

7. Lethargy

8. Paralysis

How To Store Pure Honey?

Honey doesn't expire effectively, yet it can become contaminated in specific conditions. Therefore, it is a must to store honey in an air-tight container away from light and extreme temperatures.

Sooner or later, natural honey might begin to crystallize. This is totally safe however it can make it look grainy and sweet. Honey can be returned to its original shape by warming it slightly to melt the crystals. However, ensure never to heat honey at a higher temperature as it can remove its natural properties causing it to become dark in color. If in case, the honey in your pantry has definitely changed its color or smells off, it is good to throw it out.

Above are some quick & easy tips that will assist in buying unfiltered & unadulterated honey. Be it the Sidr honey, Oak honey, Acacia honey, Cave honey, White honey, or any other unique variety, to guarantee that the honey jar you are buying is pure & organic; you should consider switching to local beekeepers that advance customary beekeeping techniques and work towards producing a healthy & medicinal variant of honey. Geohoney being the leading honey brand strives hard to offer the most nutritious, pure & organic honey varieties to people all around the world. Browse through our entire collection of exotic honey products & take a step forward towards healthy living.

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Ruth G. White
1 year ago

Awareness is the key to keeping ourselves protected from adulteration. I always check the quality and standards of honey before buying it.

Yunus Shishani
1 year ago

When purchasing honey from the market, I am always careful about its quality. I always prefer to buy honey from genuine honey sellers only.

Rumisa Ryzaev
1 year ago

I have been very careful while purchasing raw honey from the market. Awareness is the real key to combat adulteration.

Jeffery M. Hennessey
1 year ago

Pure honey is full of health benefits. I have been eating one spoon of honey daily to improve my immunity.

Sonia Sahni
3 years ago

I have used honey for my skin care routine.

3 years ago

Pure honey is the best treatment to improve skin quality.

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I love this honey!

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