White Honey Apple Smoothie: An Absolute Bliss For The Taste Buds


White Honey Apple Smoothie: An Absolute Bliss For The Taste Buds

Apple smoothies are unbelievably good for your health. Loaded with wonderful nutrients this is a healthy & delicious breakfast option. This extra-thick, creamy & comforting low-calorie drink is absolute bliss for the taste buds. As apples are available year-round, apple smoothie is a filling and wholesome option for hunger strikes of people of all age groups. The addition of white honey brings a noticeable flavor that not only complements the overall flavor of the drink but makes it super healthy too. 

This healthy and yummy smoothie is surely a great weekday breakfast and can be made with readily available ingredients in your pantry. Let’s have a quick look at the easy recipe of this wonderful white honey apple smoothie -

Ingredients Required – 

(a) Apple - 1 Large

(b) Milk - ½ Cup

(c) Vanilla or Plain Yogurt - ⅓ Cup

(d) Almonds - 5 No.

(e) Honey - 1-½ Teaspoon as Per Your Taste

(f) A Pinch of Cinnamon Powder

How to Make It -

(1) To start with the process, wash & peel the apple properly. Now cut the apple into medium-sized pieces and remove all the seeds. 

(2) Next is to add the apple pieces & almonds to a blender jar.

(3) Add milk, yogurt, and honey in the jar with almonds and apple pieces. You can use soy milk, coconut milk, or whichever milk you love the most. 

(4) After all the things are put in the jar, blend them until a smooth textured mixture is formed. There should not be any chunks of fruit. 

(5) After blending is done completely, pour the smoothie into a serving glass & sprinkle cinnamon on it as per your taste. If you like a chilled smoothie, you can also add some cubes of ice. 

(6) Always consume the smoothie right after it's made, as it will taste best when consumed fresh. 

Some Great Topping Ideas –

To present this apple smoothie in a more attractive way, it is good to try some of your favorite toppings and give it a wonderful texture.

(1) Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

(2) Ground Cinnamon or Apple Spice Mix

(3) Chopped Nuts – Almonds or Walnuts

(4) Seeds – Sunflower Seeds, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds or Pumpkin Seeds

Smoothies can be drunk as a snack or meal replacement especially if you have a specific fitness goal in your mind. Always choose fresh & high-quality ingredients to make your smoothie taste its best. Visit Geohoney today to shop for the best quality natural honey online & indulge yourself in the rich taste of this super-nutritious smoothie.

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