White Honey Can Make Eczema Buzz Off! Here’s How?


White Honey Can Make Eczema Buzz Off! Here’s How?

Eczema is a known skin problem affecting many people across the world. It is a condition in which patches of skin become cracked, itchy, inflamed and rough. It is also known as Atopic Dermatitis having different types and stages. Eczema is regularly treated with topical anti-inflammatory medications and moisturizers. For making treatments more manageable, alternative approaches are being investigated. Natural honey is one of those natural ingredients that can get relief from these itchy, scaly lesions anywhere on the body. Many people have said that they have gotten relief from the topical application of natural white honey.

Can White Honey Treat Eczema?

Several types of research have proved that honey has various characteristics that are highly effective in treating skin conditions like eczema. These beneficial properties include anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties. As honey is chock-full of good-for-you potential, it can be used as a natural remedy for all kinds of conditions.

Honey is also slightly acidic, with an average pH of 3.9 that kills bacteria and clear dead skin cells. Additionally, the humectant powers of white honey help retain moisture, which works well in preventing dry patches on the skin. But how to use it the right way! Here’s how you can get an eczema honey treatment by yourself.

(1) Take high-grade white honey and apply a thin layer on the affected region using a clean cotton swab.

(2) Cover the entire skin area with a bandage or gauze.

(3) Leave this dressing on overnight.

(4) Remove the bandage the following day and gently wipe off, cleaning the area with mild soap & warm water.

Another advantage for people with eczema is that honey helps keep skin hydrated. As it is an incredibly thick emollient, it would help trap the moisture in the skin. This is the key to faster relief from eczema. People suffering from it have skin that struggles to hold onto hydration, hindering its ability to protect against allergens, bacteria, and other irritants.

However, it is essential to note that honey is never recommended for babies with eczema. Using honey in any form for babies under one year of age can cause a severe disease called infant botulism.

Using white honey can sometimes trigger minor redness, itching, or swelling. It is suggested to seek medical help in case you experience –

(i) Fainting

(ii) Trouble Breathing

(iii) Wheezing

(iv) Vomiting

(v) Nausea

(vi) Swelling of face, mouth or throat

Eczema is usually not dangerous, but it becomes necessary to consult your doctor if it covers a large area of the body, interferes with daily life or shows signs of an infection. In the meantime, start taking home remedies with high-quality honey to get relief from the symptoms.

Honey seems a trending ingredient in the skincare world right now; however, its cosmetic use goes back to ancient times. People praise organic raw honey for its purported benefits like clearing up blemishes, moisturizing the skin and giving the complexion a healthy glow. So, include this magical natural product in your daily life today and quickly get rid of various diseases. Explore the exclusive collection of Geohoney today and get the jar of goodness delivered to your home.

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White honey is magical ingredient for eczema treatment.

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