Wildflower Honey - A Cure for Seasonal Allergies


Wildflower Honey - A Cure for Seasonal Allergies


As the winter leaves out of the picture, spring approaches quickly. We all enjoy warmer weather sometimes, as outdoor activities can be relished thoroughly. This is among the best things about summer.

But, if you are someone who suffers from seasonal allergies, it wouldn’t be a piece of good news. As, the summers will bring along the struggle of watery or itchy eyes, post-nasal drip, nagging cough, and/or persistent runny nose.

Most alternatives in the treatment or control of these symptoms include a combination of natural and over-the-counter medications for allergies. However, some studies show that consuming unprocessed, local, seasonal, raw wildflower honey can be helpful in controlling allergy symptoms.

Wildflower honey is a type of polyfloral honey that is made after the bee collects nectar from different wildflower types or species. Moreover, the fascinating part about this type of honey is that it can vary in its taste & colour depending on the kind of flowers the nectar was being sucked from. Its nutrition composition comprises carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, & minerals.  

Wildflower Honey’s use in treating Seasonal Allergies

A well-known method used to treat allergies is allergy shots, where small, repeated, and slow administration of allergen exposure is done. Consuming seasonal wildflower honey can do the same thing. As, when bees pollinate these flowers, it then carries some of that pollen again to the hive, the place where honey is produced. When the honey is collected from the hives, then it contains pollen present in nearby surroundings, which circulates in the air. Hence, it can cause allergies.

The important thing to be considered while harvesting wildflower honey is that it should be collected from the hives in the same season of summer when the allergy symptoms usually hike up. At that time, the honey contains pollen, which further increases histamine levels causing the allergy.

Several studies suggest & indicate that raw wildflower honey has the property of providing relief in response to seasonal environmental allergy & their symptoms. Moreover, its effects are better in treatment in comparison to antihistamine medications. Similarly, in another study, subjects were administered wildflower pollen honey before the birch season, when the allergies are at their peak. The results of this study also inferred less significant & fewer allergies even used fewer antihistamines.

The procedure of using wildflower honey for the cure

1.    You can start by taking one-fourth tablespoon of raw, seasonal wildflower honey in a day, just once. 

2.    After that, increase the intake of honey depending on your body weight

For example, a person who weighs about 100 lbs can take at least 2 tablespoons of wildflower honey daily. But, this intake can be divided into parts during the whole day.

      3. You can continue to take this dosage throughout the season when your allergy  symptoms usually flare up.

      4.  One thing you can follow to increase the efficiency of honey is – You can keep the honey in your mouth for        a few seconds before gulping it inside. Moreover, avoid drinking any sort of liquid for some time after having it.

Precautionary Measures to be considered:

When we talk about following these steps, it is only suitable for the age 1 & above. As the raw & unprocessed honey contains a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. This bacterium can cause a neuromuscular disorder known by the name infantile botulism.

Children below the age of one have digestive systems of an immature type, so they are unable to cope with bacterial spores. Giving them this honey can put them at risk of contracting the disease.

If someone gets affected with the disease, then they witness decreased movement, weakness of muscles, respiratory depression, and trouble swallowing.

However, all in all, if we know all about the measures, then it’s a great remedy for your allergies and seems to provide efficient results without taking any medications.

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farrel sugihen
1 year ago

Nowadays. our health is always at risk. So we must see to it that there is always honey on our table as the first remedy for coughs and colds.

1 year ago

This is the kind of honey we gonna need especially for this season, or for this weather.

jabari adisa
1 year ago

The first thing and foremost, health should be the main concern nowadays. THANKS TO GEOHONEY for this raw and organic honey.

1 year ago

First time having raw and organic honey, for my everyday lifestyle.

laurent chalamet
1 year ago

When the weather changes, we are expecting some sickness as well but with the help of honey, we will surpass this.

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